Lane Eight, founded by brothers James and Josh Shorrock with a mission to develop footwear for everyday athletes, has launched two sneaker colorways, gray and orange. Both retail for $95 and are sold at laneeight.com 

The Shorrocks recognized there was a big disconnect with how brands developed and marketed their product. Less is more when it comes to Lane Eight, with its vision for versatile performance footwear that doesn’t require multiple pairs of shoes for the gym, work and everything in between.

Established in 2016, Lane Eight is a direct-to-consumer brand that focuses on providing customers with a pair of shoes (or two) that are functional, valuable and stylish for all their wardrobe needs. “We felt there would slowly be a shift in customer trends toward product versatility and value,” the company says. “That’s why we felt it was the right time to launch a footwear brand focused on creating versatile performance footwear that straddled the line between performance and style to be suitable for almost any setting.”


Unlike other footwear brands, Lane Eight isn’t about a particular category, but more about appealing to customers through a unique brand lens. Making a versatile performance shoe that emphasized lifestyle over training wasn’t an easy feat. Noticing a gap in the footwear market for this shoe concept, Lane Eight’s founders decided to make it themselves.

“The big sportswear brands have product based solely on category — a running shoe is just for running, a training shoe is just for the gym, a lifestyle shoe is just for wearing casually and so on. Sport specific categories are important, but for us life is more fluid. So having a shoe that takes elements from those various categories was what we always wanted. Also, having worked within the footwear industry — Josh worked as a footwear developer for Adidas — it was clear to see that each category has clearly defined boundaries.

“We try to keep things simple, but our design is also very much rooted in performance and functionality. Every component of our shoe has a functional purpose. This design aesthetic also translates over to our branding where we try to keep things simple and direct.”