NEW YORK — This winter, Estée Lauder is giving one of its best-selling skin care brands a facelift.

Resilience, first introduced in 1992 and updated as Resilience Lift in 1997, is being reborn as Resilience Lift Extreme in late November. Like its earlier incarnations, the new line is designed to lift and firm aging skin. Its target customer is a woman 40-plus.

“While most of our other new products launch later, we wanted to have Resilience Lift Extreme on counter during the time period when we have the most in-store traffic,” said Thia Breen, president, North America, for the brand. “We are expecting it to be a blockbuster.”

That view was seconded by Marjorie Lau, vice president of marketing, North America, for the brand. “We’ve always been very successful whenever we’ve advanced one of our existing franchises,” said Lau. “We’ve seen it with several franchises, including Day Wear and Perfectionist. Resilience Lift is our number-one antiaging line, so the opportunity is tremendous.”

Between the ages of 40 and 60, skin experiences glycation, a chemical reaction in the skin whereby collagen cross-links and causes skin to lose its youthful appearance, explained Dr. Daniel Maes, vice president of research and development for Estée Lauder. “When Resilience Lift was introduced eight years ago, it addressed the problem of glycation, but since that time, we’ve found that the glycation process has more far-reaching complications than we originally anticipated,” said Maes. “Our new technology addresses them very effectively.”

The cornerstone of the refurbished line is ExtremeLift3 Complex, a proprietary cocktail of ingredients including triterpenes, formulated from the tepescohuite tree and said to help the skin speed up collagen production; hyaluronic acid, trehalose and sorbitol, said to help hydrate skin, and potassium cholesterol sulfate, said to help maintain the skin’s barrier function. The products also include K3 Vitamin C and Lauder’s proprietary False Alarm Technology, which is said to help accelerate collagen production by using peptides that are “tricked” into making the skin believe that there has been damage to existing collagen.

The revamped lineup includes Ultra Firming Creme for dry skin in three sizes, 1 oz. for $49.50, 1.7 oz. for $70 and 2.5 oz. for $85; Ultra Firming Creme for very dry skin, $70 for 1.7 oz.; OverNight Ultra Firming Creme, 1.7 oz. for $75; Ultra Firming Lotion, $70 for 1.7 oz., and Ultra Firming Eye Creme, 0.5 oz. for $49.50. The Ultra Firming Creme and Ultra Firming Lotion are designed to be used in the morning, and the Eye Creme is designed to be used both morning and night. OverNight Ultra Firming Creme, as its name suggests, is designed for nighttime application.

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In the U.S., the line will be carried in more than 2,100 department and specialty store doors.

National print advertising, which is now being finalized, will feature Carolyn Murphy and is slated to appear in January fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines, including More and Town & Country.

While none of the executives would comment on projected sales or advertising spending, industry sources estimated that Resilience Lift would do about $75 million at retail in the U.S. in its first year on counter and that about $4 million would be spent on advertising.

While the brand is saving its sampling campaign for next year, at launch, it is doing a pink rubber-band promotion intended to illustrate the firmness and elasticity of the skin, said Lau. “It’s a small thing, but it is very engaging for the beauty adviser and her customer,” she said.

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