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From modernism to Gertrude Stein, London designers looked to a wide range of subjects for their fall collections. Here, some of the topics that sparked their creativity.

“Instead of solely focusing on a single era, or a single person, this season is about looking toward a group of women who reflect the way we deal with hardship, and conveying their resilience through clothing.” — Michael Halpern

“Beauty in bloom.” — Josep Font, creative director, Delpozo

“We played with the idea of eveningwear, questioning whether it still has a place in a modern wardrobe. We combined dramatic shapes and luxurious fabrics with stretchy insets to create dresses that are as easy to wear as sportswear. We have created our own vision of what empowered, sensual dressing can be today.” — Paula Knorr

“The theme is winter fruit, flowers and walks through the English countryside. Art references include Klimt, Alma-Tadema, Whistler and Dr. Zhivago and silhouettes focus on tailored shapes emphasizing the waist and relaxed flowing shapes.” — Alice Archer

“This season we wanted to explore the idea of coming of age, moving away from home for the first time, the sense of hope, dreams and potential. By pairing nostalgic, vintage-like pieces with contemporary details, the collection represents the dream wardrobe of a young, but modern woman who isn’t afraid to be playful and take risks.” — Rejina Pyo

“Zenobia’s obsession with Renaissance frills, Megan’s biker jacket and Frankie’s tie-dye trousers and a ripped-off poster print — the Marques ‘Almeida girl’s empowering clothes.” — Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida

“This season I’m working with bolder prints and incorporating a subversive edge throughout the collection.” — Richard Quinn

“It’s about all my favorite things, looking into the past and reworking the greatest hits. A Ryan Lo one-off special edition!” — Ryan Lo

“I’ve explored new couture techniques, combining them with redefined modern silhouettes.” — Huishan Zhang

“The ethnographic photography of 19th-century artist Edward Curtis informs my fall collection. Traditional tribal decoration is given a Sixties perspective and plume elements appear throughout the collection in decorative surface textures.” — David Koma

“This season was inspired by the Parisian woman. Not the real Parisian woman, but the image of her that other countries have built throughout the years. I looked a lot at Catherine Deneuve and also at what luxury fashion is, what it means and how to reinterpret it in my own personal way.” — Faustine Steinmetz

“For fall, I looked at the magic behind Grimm’s fairy tales. I wanted to create unique and timeless pieces that will be treasured year after year.” — Markus Lupfer

“A celebration of pioneering women….a story of adventure and courage.” — Alice Temperley

“Contemplative, monastic, Garden of Earthly Delights.” — Edeline Lee

“This season, I’m working with my favorite colors and fabrics to create a rich, multitextured and multipatterned collection, using layering and a nod to clean Sixties A-line shapes. I will also be incorporating my signature use of shimmer and sparkle through textiles, trims and details.” — Sadie Williams

“The collection explores the innovative spirit of the pioneers of modernism in design, painting and architecture.” — Mary Katrantzou

“Inspired by Gertrude Stein, the Parisian art patron from the 20th century, Shrimps looks to her muses, art collection and language. As Stein famously said: ‘A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.’ For fall, Weiland says, ‘A shrimp is a shrimp is a shrimp is a shrimp.’ The color palette is romantic and exotic with ruby reds and jewel-like turquoise and brilliant yellows.” Looking to Jean Cocteau and Otto Dix, Weiland has developed her own abstract flora and fauna prints. “Hearts, bows and roses are found in luxurious faux furs, and delicate embroidery weaves its way throughout the collection.” — Hannah Weiland, designer, Shrimps

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