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Menswear issue 06/02/2014

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1. Rutger Hauer’s bleached-blond hair in Blade Runner
Villains tend to be better dressers with cooler style. And, to be honest, they are not out there terrorizing the masses with a male earring! But please—avoid Billy Idol impersonations.

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2. Dan Flavin’s neon-light installations
I love Flavin’s work. I also love what may have inspired it—the tragic neon signs from any pawnshop in South Florida or any fortune-teller’s storefront in downtown New York. I need one for my cubicle.


3. Esencia Loewe Eau de Toilette
Smells incredibly sexy. But wear it only if you are not afraid to let the world know you have thought it all out. Also important: Do not purchase cologne at an airport duty-free shop! Those are for liquor only!  #itsaboutme


4. Giorgio Armani
I am having a total retro Armani moment. I am especially in need of a white unconstructed linen blazer from Spring 1991. Not clear where the urge is coming from. Can’t wait for people to ask me, “What is that?” so I can say…“It’s vintage Armani.”


5. Wherever You Go, There You Are, by Jon Kabat-Zinn
Yes, this is a book pushing mindfulness. We are all “chanting as we speak,” don’t you agree? And also when we select what we are going to wear for the evening. Fashion is all about the now. #soundingcultish #selfhelpisexhausting


6. The Pigalle X Nike collaboration
I am in desperate need of becoming a street-style star. I will try to get my hands on anything from this collection, especially the tank top or maybe even the cap. Warning: Street style is incredibly time-consuming!


7. Berlin fetish activities
I am interested in subcultures and their fashion codes, but I admit I am a little afraid (bad afraid, not good afraid). Still, the House of Harlot clothing is pretty tacky-fabulous.


8. Hermès linen crewneck T-shirts
From the Spring 2014 show. Or anything else from that superchic collection, for that matter.


9. The retro swimming pool at the Hotel Il Pellicano
I am obsessing over swimming-pool lifestyle. This one is located in Tuscany, and it’s the ultimate pool experience. Here, you can pretend you are living beyond your means for a week or so. Make sure to take along your Lancôme tan maximizer, Missoni high-thread-count beach towel, and a Coca Light.


10. Lulu, my pussycat
It is not easy having a supermodel pussycat with a cliquish personality and a needy disposition. (I wonder where she gets it from.) I love every minute we spend together. #luluforever #illbehomesoon #FancyFeast


11. Joyland, by Trust

This album of sexy synth-pop, so very reminiscent of Depeche Mode, is my jam for dancing at any hotel gym (my favorite pastime).

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