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1. Must Umbrella: This is what you need to hold over your head: the Fox Umbrella, with Scorched Whanghee Handle ($230). You read that right: Scorched Whanghee. Made in London, so you know it works.

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2. Must Wing Tip: The comfortable, durable, classic Church’s City Line Eastcote Wing Tip Shoe ($434). Also made in London.

This is a shoe that fairly screams gentry. Park a pair of these babies under somebody’s bed, and you, sir, will not be asked to leave anytime soon.

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1. Must Revival Timepiece: We begin with a recently revived model, the Cartier Tank MC ($20,800). Makes jolie musique when it ticks.

2. Must Diving Watch: You might get the bends if you come up too fast from the bottom of the Aegean Sea, but this watch, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II ($18,750), will be just fine, thank you.

3. Must Celebrity Collaboration Chronometer: Hélas! It’s the Audemars Piguet LeBron James ROO ($51,500). It’s a beautiful object—and it really puts the “Le” in “LeBron”!

4. Must Everyday Watch: Here we have a lovely everyday watch, simple and elegant, the Baume & Mercier Clifton ($3,547).

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Tote Bag

Must Carry: The Louis Vuitton Cabas Tote ($2,980), in deep French red, made of the distinctive, brand-specific Epi leather (pleasant to the touch, strong enough to withstand rough weather), adds a dash of elegance to the messy business of air travel in a time of clogged checkpoints and struggling carriers.

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1. Must Duffel: Fairchild Baldwin’s Bobby Duffel ($1,050), top left, is perfect for the man who needs to get his effects together in a hurry, without looking like a schlump. Made of wool and leather.

2. Must Blanket: The Bottega Veneta Throw (it’s made to order, so ask for the price when you call for one) works for business-class naps.

3. Must Snowboard: The Etro Snowboard ($2,330), center, in paisley, imbues even the most extreme half-piper with Italian high style.

4. Must Woven Hat: The Bottega Veneta Hat ($310), center. Works in Brooklyn. Works in Milan.

5. Must Ribbed Winter Hat: Marc by Marc Jacobs Hat. Helps you make it to March in style ($54).

6. Must Warmth: The Barbour Tailored Sapper Jacket in Waxed Cotton ($399) heats you up while allowing you to move your arms enough to chop down a tree (or make wild gestures while talking on your cell).

7. Must Woodsman Tool: The Best Made Company’s Hudson Bay Axe ($225), bottom, looks sharp. And is sharp. Very sharp. Careful out there, guys.

8. Must Pants: Ralph Lauren Purple Label’s Pants ($695), made in tweed, are warm enough for Maine and stylish enough for Manhattan. Will last a thousand years.

9. Must Boot: The Bally Vincens Boot ($1,250), middle right, was the favorite outdoors shoe of all those we sampled. Rugged, but as soft as a pillow against your foot.

10. Must Sock: The Pantherella Sock in Merino Wool Fair Isle ($35) ensures that you will never have cold feet, literally or figuratively.

11. Must Sport Watch: The IWC Ingenieur Chronograph Silberpfeil ($13,100), a Swiss watch with an alligator strap, is tough enough for a climb up the Matterhorn.

12. Must Flask: Don’t forget to take this Coach by Billy Reid Whiskey Flask ($200) to the Army-Navy game, or just sip from it in the comfort of your living room.

13. Must Gloves: The design and manufacturing know-how of an expert accessories company is evident in this pair of Coach Men’s Deerskin Gloves ($148).

14. Must Winter Necktie: The Alexander Olch wool mesh cravat ($150) is something you can wear on the piste or at the fireside.

15. Must Knit Sweater: Just thinking about the Alfred Dunhill Cable-Knit Roll-Neck Sweater ($875) warms you right up.

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1. Must Pajama: A great number of men sleep in their boxers, it’s true. Then again, a great number of men wear sweatpants to the airport. Both fashion choices are a sign of giving up. We urge you not to give up, and Hanro is here to help us in our mission, with this handsome Striped Pajama Set ($260).

2. Must Sleepy-Time Accessories: Toss in this Travel Blanket ($495) and Eye Mask ($195), both from Armand Diradourian, a company that, working closely with its team of Himalayan artisans, excels in cashmere, and you will be sure to take your next trip to dreamland in comfort and style.

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What good is having lovely things if you don’t have lovely things to put your lovely things in? Ergo, the Must valises.

1. Must Red And Black: These colors, representing the power of the military (red) and the church (black) in 18th-century France, gave Stendhal a great idea for a novel—and have now inspired this handsome Pierre Hardy Perspective Cube Pouch ($225).

2. Must Texture: Jil Sander comes through for the guys with a coolly elegant Large Pouch ($350).

3. Must Secret Keeper: Smythson Grosvenor Triple Pouch in Birch ($760) is perfect for small items easily lost.

4. Must Vintage: The Ghurka Vintage Chestnut Pouch ($160) looks like something that might contain a forgotten manuscript.

5. Must Travel: The Comme des Garçons Star Embossed Zip Pouch ($100) can hold an iPad.

6. Must Euro Keeper: The Balenciaga Classic Continental Zip Wallet ($495) comfortably holds oversize currency without wrinkling it.

7. Must Card Holder, Part I: The Tod’s Credit Card Holder ($125) classes up your blown-out AmEx card.

8. Must Card Holder, Part II: The Want Les Essentiels de la Vie Kimpo Card Holder ($160) is a little beauty.

9. Must Card Holder, Part III: The Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Credit Card Holder ($240) is just right for journeys to distant lands.

10. Must Sound: These powerful speakers for the insides of your ears, the B&O BeoPlay H3 headphones ($249), fit nicely into any of the pouches shown here.

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1. Must Luxury Cologne: To scent or not to scent. That is the question. We say yes. And it’s hard to smell any better than you will when you slap on some Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Parfum Intense ($100; 100 ml).

2. Must Limited-Edition Acqua Di Parma: Celebrates the tenth anniversary of its unisex fragrance Colonia Assoluta with this Edizione Speciale 2013 ($186; 180 ml).

3. Must Fresh: Dab on a bit of the woodsy Aqua Vitae ($245; 200 ml) from Maison Francis Kurkdjian, which is run by a master parfumier who toiled behind the scenes at the big houses before striking out on his own in ’09.

4. Must Collaboration: This year gave us a number of possibilities for best designer collaboration. The envelope, please. And the winner is…Dries Van Noten par Frederic Malle ($265; 100 ml). We admit it: M loves Van Noten. We can’t help it. We love the guy.

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1. Must Custom Leather: Diego Della Valle, the billionaire president and CEO of Tod’s, one of Italy’s finest family businesses, has done it again. Here is a new collection of gorgeous and durable goods—released under the name J.P. Tod’s Sartorial Touch—that allows the man with pockets as deep as his interest in style to customize various bags and shoes to his specifications. Shown here, J.P. Tod’s Sartorial Briefcase ($2,425) and J.P. Tod’s Sartorial Monk Strap Shoe ($1,545).

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1. Must Towel: Are you thirsty? Not compared to this Nautica Block Stripe Beach Towel ($39) you’re not.

2. Must Sandals: Flip-flops? Not so much. Go with these Alvaro Buckled Leather Sandals ($350; courtesy of Mr Porter).

3. Must Fun Wallet: This Prada Saffiano Beach Wallet ($595) makes the perfect complement to the cheesy beach-shop items you’ll be buying on your next visit to Saint-Tropez.

4. Must Swim Trunks: Leap off the yacht in these suits from Robinson Les Bains—the Cambridge Long (in purple, bottom left) or the Oxford Long (black and red, top right) ($265 apiece).

5. Must Duffel: The Dior Homme Paris Blue Soft Leather Duffel ($4,500) looks stylish even when its contents are hastily crammed inside it.

6. Must Vacation Watch: The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Watch ($3,600) is just right for vacation: It keeps the time when you don’t feel like it.

7. Must Face Cream: In the yellow container, it’s Clarins Sunscreen for Face Wrinkle Control Cream SPF 30 ($32).

8. Must Classic Suntan Lotion: We also recommend, for those who like to tan, in the brown bottle, Hampton Sun SPF 8 Gel ($35).

9. Must Apres-Beach Scent: Middle of the page, in the glass bottle with the burgundy top, it’s Atelier Cologne Gold Leather Ecrin Absolue ($295). Smells nice!

10. Must Eye-Pouch Care: Even if you’re not the type to relax on vacation, you can look like you’re kicking back with the Acqua di Parma Revitalizing Eye Treatment ($55)—it’s the brown bottle sticking out of the yellow kit bag.

11. Must Kit Bag: In eye-catching yellow, the Jacobs by Marc Jacobs Dopp Kit ($39).

12. Must Beach Shades: The score is You: 1 Sun: 0, with these Marni Double-Bridge Aviator-Style Sunglasses ($440).

13. Must Surfboard: And, finally, cut the waves with our chef d’oeuvre in the resort category: from the Gagosian Gallery in New York, a limited-edition short board designed and inked by American painter Richard Phillips ($5,000).

14. Must Floral: Marc by Marc Jacobs ($178) Shirt, bottom right, has a light, easy feel to it, even when sand is stuck to your skin.

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1. Must Tortoiseshell: Look smart while fighting off the glare in these vintage-style Giorgio Armani sunglasses ($300).

2. Must Aviator: From Tom Ford comes a look that refuses to go out of style: the Charles 62-mm Aviator Sunglasses ($320).

3. Must Retro: The Children of California model ($250) from Westward Leaning makes you feel like you’re on vacation in 1961.

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1. Must Two-Tone: The Rick Owens Bicolor Leather Lace-Up ($1,300), in leather and rubber, with slightly upturned toe, is a gift for your feet.

2. Must High-Top: Bieber wears ’em. You can, too: the Christian Louboutin Alfie Flat ($1,275).

3. Must Animal Print: Roberto Cavalli has topped himself with this new Just Cavalli model ($415).

4. Must Style: A hip, understated kick from Italy, the Officine Creative Woven Leather Sneaker ($600).

5. Must Laces: Go bold or go home: KRISVANASSCHE’s take on the high-top with his Multi Lace-Up ($832).

6. Must Strap: This stylish shoe gives you the best of both worlds (strap and lace)—it’s the Perspective Cube from Pierre Hardy ($695).

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Must Shirt: This pleated-bib tuxedo shirt from Canali ($395) is the right blend of formality, style, and comfort.

Must Cuff-Links: It’s impossible to choose among these bits of plumage for the elegant male, so we have selected three:
1 — The Tiffany & Co. Acorn in 18-karat gold, with hematite ($2,300).
2 — Harry Winston Sapphire-and-Diamond Cuff Links (price on request).
3 — Chopard Happy Diamond Cuff Links, set in 18-karat gold ($14,220).

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Must Sweater: It’s a classic gift for a reason. We recommend this straightforward Berluti brown cashmere sweater ($4,980).

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Must Bar Set: Yes, it’s portable. Make any hotel room a boîte with Tumi’s Mixology Set ($4,995).

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1. Must Hot Sauce: A bottle of ketchup was once a staple of the American table. Now, increasingly, it’s spicier stuff, like Sriracha chili sauce ($4), from Huy Fong Foods.

2. Must Robot: From Unbounded Robotics we have the first robot butler sophisticated enough for home use, the UBR-1 ($35,000).

3. Must Print: Our favorite new magazine is the beautifully designed Modern Farmer (yearly print and digital subscription, $30).

4. Must Exhibit: Don’t miss Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Hals: Masterpieces of Dutch Painting from the Mauritshuis. On view through January 19 at the Frick Collection in New York City (admission: adults, $20; seniors, $15; students, $10).

5. Must Scooter: Zip around Italian-style on the brand-new Vespa 946 ($9,946).

6. Must-Read: A terrific new memoir, Daniel: My French Cuisine (Grand Central Life & Style, $60), from chef and restaurant genius Daniel Boulud. With an introduction by Bill Buford.

7. Must Sound Quality: Digital culture is great and all, but nothing beats a landline call on this black rotary-dial telephone ($60 at

Must Jock Beards: Long beards were once the facial accessory of sea captains, members of religious orders, and hermits. Now it’s a fashion choice for fighters, ballers, defensive linemen, and the World Series–winning Boston Red Sox. From left to right: James Harden of the Houston Rockets; Brett Keisel of the Pittsburgh Steelers; New York Met Justin Turner; Jonny Gomes and Mike Napoli of the Boston Red Sox; Los Angeles Dodger Brian Wilson; Mixed Martial Arts fighter Kimbo Slice; New York Jet Nick Mangold; Sean McGrath of the Kansas City Chiefs.



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