Maeve Reilly for Disney nuiMOs

Maeve Reilly, best known for dressing model Hailey Baldwin Bieber, is putting her styling skills to use for Disney.

“I styled Mickey and Minnie exactly how I would dress or how my clients would dress,” she said on Tuesday. “It was super fun.”

Reilly is known for pairing athleisure, sports bras, hoodies and sweatpants, with pieces like oversize jackets and structured blazers on herself as well as her clientele. She took the same approach when styling Disney NuiMOs, plush toys originally launched and popular in Japan and China. The term NuiMOs blends Japanese words “nuigurumi” and “moderu,” respectively meaning “plush” and “model.”

“It is so obviously my vibe and my style,” Reilly said of her style choices for the collection. “I was really focused on streetwear and loungewear and layering, the things I think I’m pretty well-known to do myself and with my clients.”

She was tapped by Disney to celebrate the company’s U.S. and European expansion of the toy. On Jan. 19 Disney will start unveiling the likes of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck, retailing for $17.99 each, along with a selection of mini clothes and accessories, priced started at $12.99. The toys and items will be available at Disney stores in North America and Europe, select Disney parks globally and on and

“They come with so many options of clothes,” continued Reilly. “It’s like a stylist’s dream come true. They provide so many different looks. So basically, what I did was just mix it all together and set it up literally as if I was in a fitting.”

Maeve Reilly Disney nuiMOs

A first look at Disney NuiMOs plush toys, styled by Maeve Reilly.  Courtesy

Reilly has kept busy during the pandemic dressing clients like singer Normani and Bieber, whose paparazzi looks are often dissected by fans on Instagram.

“I’m very lucky that a lot of my clients have figured out how to keep working,” said Reilly. “The stylists who only do red carpet, I really feel for them. I’m sure it’s really, really challenging, being that all events are pretty much canceled until God knows when. I’m really blessed that Hailey still wants to look cool. Mask or no mask, we do have to go about our daily lives. I don’t think that her style should sacrifice because of that. For me, it’s also been a year of reflection and taking on new projects.”

She recently hosted a webinar for her social media followers, which attracted over 200 attendees. She has two more coming and plans to create a production company to expand the business. She’s also currently working on a clothing line and will be announcing its launch in about a month, she said.