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Finding variations on his beloved recycling theme must be an amusing pastime for Martin Margiela. The secretive Belgian’s latest collection of so-called “artisanal” pieces of handmade garments was long on fun and games, with a dress assembled of old vinyl records and a jacket of shredded press clippings about the designer spanning the last 20 years. Anything can be appropriated into Margiela’s quirky world. A plastic bag, for instance, lined with silk taffeta, became the bodice of a dress, while an evening suit on a wire hanger was strapped around a model. If that sounds like a lot of hot air, how about 30 balloons inflated and twisted together into a jacket? It may prove tricky to sell, but Margiela knows his commercial gambits, too. In November he will launch a line of fine jewelry in collaboration with Italy’s Damiani.

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