MILAN — Malo on Tuesday presented the first women’s wear collection developed under Giacomo Canessa, who earlier this year returned to the company he founded with his brother, the late Alfredo Canessa, in 1972.

Giacomo Canessa was appointed by a private investment fund, which last year bought Malo from Tuscan luxury retail group Evanthe. Malo representatives declined to provide details about the fund.

“When I arrived, the company was not doing well and I had to reorganize everything in order to return to the upscale quality which originally characterized the brand,” said Canessa, who oversees both the in-house team of designers and the commercial development of the brand.

With the goal of offering the highest quality, Canessa focused on the use of luxury fibers including extra fine cashmere from Mongolia and exclusive merino wool.

“We focus on the concept of ‘invisible luxury’ — we don’t include prints, we can play with bright colors, especially for summer, but all the details should be subdued,” said Canessa, citing a zigzag motif trimming on most of the pieces. For next fall, Malo also embellished its knitwear items with fur, ranging from chinchilla and shaved beaver to mink.

According to Canessa, women’s wear currently accounts for 65 percent of the brand’s business.

Malo, which wholesales to about 200 boutiques in the world and operates 15 flagships across Italy, Europe, the Far East and the United States, aims to open additional doors in London, Paris and New York, along with in prestigious ski and seaside resorts, such as Capri and Cortina, for example.