A LESLIE FAY REUNION: When Leonard Feinberg this month became the third former executive of The Leslie Fay Cos. to become affiliated with the Patrick Group, the question arose: Is there a connection?

Asked about the number of ex-Leslie Fay executives who have gone to work for him, Patrick Argenti, founder and owner of the Patrick Group, said there was no hidden agenda.

However, he added, “The entire situation there has resulted in opportunities to become associated with a lot of talented people.”

As reported, Feinberg, who was chairman of the Theo Miles Knit Group unit of Leslie Fay, has become president and a partner with Argenti in Nina Patrick, a new knitwear operation. He joins Gerald Zipp, former chairman of Leslie Fay Dresses, who in October also became an Argenti partner in a new silk dress company called Marianna, where Zipp is president. Both Nina Patrick and Marianna operate under the Patrick Group umbrella.

Another former Leslie Fay executive, Jerry Newman, is vice president and sales manager of Marianna. Newman had been president of the former Andrea Gayle division of Leslie Fay.