In advance of tonight’s debut of “Top Chef All-Stars,” WWD offers a culinary treat of its own: a May 28, 1971, interview with acclaimed food critic Gael Greene — who also happens to be a judge on sister show “Top Chef Masters.”

“When you have lunch with Gael Greene, you know how George Plimpton felt when he climbed into the ring with Archie Moore,” the story began. “[She] is a pro eater.” Here, a selection of her comments.

This story first appeared in the December 1, 2010 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

Greene on eating: “People who don’t enjoy eating must have a fear of sensual things. They probably sleep in pajamas and don’t like to be touched.”

On using her hands: “I’d love it if eating salad with the fingers were acceptable.”

On pot luck:
“I’ve always wanted to have a great meal while being gloriously stoned, but can’t seem to get high on what’s available in my community.”

On cooking: “Once I didn’t like cooking, but now I love it. I learned to love it when I discovered men love good food by me.”

On sex: “I like being a sex object. I’m terribly upset when I’m treated just as a person….In terms of practicality, you should make love before a great meal.”

On bacchanalian endeavors: “I’ve been to parties that were just like orgies — except there was no sex, just food. But the same energies that we give to food might be given to sex if our values weren’t so middle-class. I mean, it’s like someone suggesting, ‘Let’s go to a motel on 10th Avenue for a great meal.’ ”

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