NEW YORK — A new beauty marketer, Maine Shave LLC, based in the state it’s named for, is hoping to gain a toehold in the U.S. shaving and skin care markets.

The firm, which was incorporated in February 2005, has a business plan that involves no fewer than four brands — Maine Shave, Intimate Moments, Harpswell Naturals and Good for the Soul — that are designed for varying channels of distribution.

Maine Shave’s chief executive officer, Herb Pressman, already has retail distribution with two of the brands. The company’s namesake Maine Shave collection is carried in more than 40 spas and independent boutiques in New England and the Northeast. A shave cream called Intimate Moments is carried in a dozen Victoria’s Secret shops in the U.S.

While Pressman is aiming to establish distribution for the Maine Shave collection in a large department or specialty store chain, he is also presenting the Harpswell Naturals and Good for the Soul lines to drugstore chains like CVS and Brooks Pharmacy.

“We wanted to build a branding company with a focus on natural personal care products,” said Pressman, “and wanted to address all of the markets. The perception of Maine has been high quality and [as having] an incredible work ethic, and I wanted to be a proponent of that.”

With the Maine Shave collection, a line of eight products for men and women, “I hope to be in 1,000 doors in the next 12 months,” said Pressman, who noted the brand is also available at He projects that sales of Maine Shave LLC could reach $1 million to $2 million in the next year.

The Main Shave line comprises four items for men and four for women. On the men’s side, there’s All-Natural Intensive Moisturizing Shaving Cream, 3.75 oz. for $20. There’s also Natural Gentle Daily Facial Cleanser, 6 oz. for $19; Toner, 6 oz. for $18, and Moisturizer, 2 oz. for $25. The women’s half of the Maine Shave line includes All-Natural Intimate Shaving Cream, 3.75 oz. for $20; Natural Daily Body Cleanser, 6 oz. for $20; Moisturizer, 6 oz. for $28, and Splash, 6 oz. for $20.

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The products’ preservative system is free of parabens; formulations are also alcohol-free. The products use botanically derived ingredients like thyme, cinnamon, rosemary, lavender, golden seal, aloe and grapefruit seed extract.

Pressman bills the 11-item Harpswell Naturals brand as a “unisex health and wellness line.” It features a shaving cream; and a body and facial cleanser, each of which comes in unscented, citrus and spearmint versions; a body and facial moisturizer in unscented, citrus and lavender versions; a citrus body and facial refresher, and an unscented liquid powder. All of the Harpswell products are 6 oz. and priced from $10 to $12. The body and facial moisturizer employs fucoidan, which is derived from Maine rockweed, to freshen and hydrate the skin.

Pressman’s Good for the Soul brand is a foot care line comprising five items: sugar foot scrub, foot cream, extremely dry foot spray, foaming foot wash and liquid powder. Each product is $7.99.

The Intimate Moments brand, now in 12 Victoria’s Secret locations, could be rolled out to more of the retailer’s stores, according to Pressman, who is planning additional products in the brand for fall.

Pressman, who was a photographer for numerous advertising agencies early in his career, got into the cosmetics packaging business 17 years ago. In addition to Maine Shave LLC, he owns Coastal Products, a company that does contract packaging for over-the-counter, prescription and consumer products marketers.

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