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A little retro, more than a little flamboyance and plenty of practical chic. That equation goes to the heart of Michael Kors’ approach to fashion, including his fur collection, done in partnership with Pologeorgis.

For fall, Kors made deft work of the collaboration. In a tight lineup he delivered essential range, yet with clear, unmistakable links to his fall runway collection that was all about the elevation of function to fabulous. The latter was most obvious in a palette that featured pastel blue and purple, bold contrasting collars and cuffs, and a mink jacket worked in an intricate, unfussy floral intarsia.

Diversity came in silhouettes that ranged from sleek (a long vest in fawn lamb with cross fox trim) to abundant (a glorious fluff of Arctic blue fox). As for the typical Kors-ean pragmatism, it ran throughout. This was all the stuff of everyday style. Case in point: a navy peacoat. It happened to be in shirred mink with black fox trim, but a peacoat all the same.