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Michael Kors turned things a little upside-down with his fall fur collection. And it was a delight. Forget all those past fur images. Kors made swakara not just young, but hip by shaping his short coat with a fitted waist and skimpy black fox collar. He shaped his snug peacoat in navy mink and showed his red fox jacket as a paradoxically slender, waist-length “chubby” with elbow-length sleeves. Even Iris mink looked completely new in a short wrap with an oversize collar and a gently flared back.

Kors knows how to do luxury, too, but with his own signature of course. He gave his Barguzin Russian sable coat a haberdasher appeal with a handsome notched collar and lean shape that was more impressive for its restraint than a showy swath of sable. After all, it is the priciest of furs, bought and worn often as a statement of wealth. Not in the hands of Kors, who has worked with Pologeorgis Furs for 20 years creating a great balance of skill, luxury and imagination.