MILAN Miucci Prada’s fascination with the ethereal prints she created for spring for her runway space and for the brand’s Epicenter stores is now a short film.


Entitled “Trembled Blossoms,” the movie, which runs just over four minutes, will be unveiled with a private screening at Prada’s Broadway flagship on Feb. 5 during New York Fashion Week.


Directed by James Lima, the animated short was produced using the latest technology, but the concept is similar to the one applied to classic animation, where artists draw over filmed footage of an actress dancing. The movie is produced by Hi! Production and Max Brun, while the animation is by Los Angeles-based Sight Effects.


For “Trembled Blossoms,” the movements of a dancer playing a nymph and outfitted with small tracking reflectors are captured, recorded and then digitally superimposed over the drawings.


It marks the final stretch of a journey started last year when Prada, together with Rem Koolhaas’ AMO think tank and 2×4, a New York based design studio, developed pretty, ethereal prints of fairies and flowers that were exploited in different ways, from designs on silk dresses to wallpaper to murals. The ink drawings are currently on display in New York and Los Angeles.

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