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If “Sex and the City’s” Carrie Bradshaw was recast as a model instead of a columnist, she’d probably look a lot like Alicia Kuczman. Beyond the striking resemblance, she shares Bradshaw’s personable nature and eye-catching style. Having just wrapped up her second New York Fashion Week, Alicia added Edun, Alexandre Herchcovitch and Vena Cava, among others, to an impressive roster that already includes Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu and Jil Sander. Now she’s making the rounds in Europe’s fashion weeks, where she looks to add even more names to her dossier.


Agency: ONE


Age: 17


Height: 5’ 9.5”


Hair: Blonde


Eyes: Green


Home country: Brazil


Birth sign: Pisces



“No, but I want one! I’d like 2 p.m. on my palm. It’s a special time. I met my boyfriend at exactly that time of day. We’ve been together for three years and he’s my best friend.”


This is your second time to New York. How do you like it?

“I love it. I want to live here forever. I like to travel, but New York is so easy. It’s a mix of all the cultures.”


Do you have a favorite body part?

“I don’t know! I just know the things I don’t like, but I’m not going to tell you. It’s a secret!”


Favorite designer:

“I love, love, love Balenciaga. I love Marc Jacobs. The person he is. He’s amazing.”


What specifically about Marc Jacobs — the person — do you like?

“I worked with him in the last fashion week. He’s a really nice person. Sometimes people in the fashion world treat you like you’re just another model. In the fitting, he said, ‘Alicia, come over here.’ And sometimes people don’t know your name. It caught my attention. He’s like this with all the models. He really pays attention to people.”


How would you describe your personal style?

“Vintage and thrift store!”


Do you have a favorite item in your wardrobe?

“No. Each day I dress how I feel. I love dresses. I usually wear dresses every day, but I don’t have one that I prefer.”


What’s on your iPod?

“Just now I was listening to The Smiths. I also have Jim Morrison, Tom Waits, Paul Kelley, Tom Kelly and Bright Eyes.”


What are your “must-have” beauty products?

“I can’t live without thermal water ­ like Evian’s or Avene’s. When I get out of the shower I put it on my face, and then sunscreen.”


What model inspires you?

“Not inspiring, but I think Gisele is amazing. She changed the Nineties. Everything was androgynous and she changed it. And Shirley Mallman. She’s another Brazilian. When I was in Brazil for the last fashion week, we had a show where we had to act like we were on an Eighties catwalk and we had to turn and turn. I didn’t know how to do this and [Mallman] showed me how. She was amazing.”


What are your goals for modeling?

“I’m the type of person who prefers not to think about it. I prefer to relax and let things happen. I do my best always and try. If it doesn’t work, maybe next time. I need to stay relaxed to make things work out well.”

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