Modeling is usually not the first choice as a career path — most just fall into it by accident. Such is the case for Austin Wyne. Coming from a dance background, Wyne shares how he got discovered, his current obsessions and his dream job.

How did you get discovered?

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I have been a ballet dancer since I was eight years old and that was my real focus for my whole life. A year-and-a-half ago I thought it would be a good idea to explore other channels in my life, so I ended up moving to New York City and now I am studying the fashion business at FIT. My brother was a model with Ford at the time. One day I came into the agency just to accompany him and things clicked. It all happened so fast, next thing I knew I was being signed. They liked the fact that I was a dancer, they saw the potential.
If you weren’t modeling right now what would you be doing?

I would probably be in school or doing the same thing I’m doing now. Modeling kind of happened when I was already taking the next steps in my life, and I was moving to New York regardless. I would just be having less fun.


Do you think you’ll go back to being a ballet dancer full time?

I didn’t want dancing to be my 9-to-5 job; in dance it’s more like an 8-to-10 kind of job. I wanted to explore more things. It’s a crazy schedule and I was falling a little bit out of love with it. Now I dance for fun only.


If you could travel to one place right now where would it be?

I would love to go to Paris one day. I recently signed with Elite in Paris and I would definitely like to go out there, see the market and explore Paris.


Are you currently obsessed with anything?

Documentaries on Netflix. I am also getting into cooking a lot. I have always been into healthy eating and then I moved to New York and my apartment actually has a great kitchen and I said to myself, “One day I should give this is a shot.” I never knew I would end up loving it.


Who are your idols and why?

It’s cheesy but I would have to say my parents. I look up to them so much, but they are both so different. I’m the baby in my family, the youngest of five boys, so I have a lot to look up to. There are enough men in my family that I have never had to look any further than that.


What advice would you give to someone starting out in the industry?

Take yourself very seriously but don’t put on too much. Luckily I came from the dance world which has a similar atmosphere, where everyday it’s something different, so definitely be prepared for that.

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