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Melodie Monrose is on a hot streak. She entered New York Fashion Week a newbie — signing with Wilhelmina merely two months before the season began — and left as one of modeling’s newest sensations. In total, Melodie walked 49 shows and, taken together, they spell blue-chip success. Highlights include closing Lanvin, walking Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Prada, Marni, Missoni, Yves Saint Laurent, Dries van Noten and Valentino. Melodie’s classic beauty, natural elegance and long legs will likely keep the industry buzzing about this Martinique native.




Age: 18


Height: 5’10”


Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown


Home: Martinique


Favorite body part: “My teeth! I think the smile is the most important part of somebody’s face.”


What drew you to modeling?

“Being a model was a surprise. Some people around me always said that I could be a model, but I didn’t believe them. When I was younger, I wasn’t very confident, so I couldn’t imagine a job where you always had to show your confidence. I always loved fashion. I think modeling is a good way to be inside of a world which has always fascinated me.”

Can you tell the story of how you broke into the industry?

“I was at school and one of my friends, Carl Agapit, who is a model now, too, asked me if he could introduce me to his agent to start modeling. I said “Why not?” and after that everything went so fast. He found me my first agency, Wilhelmina Models in New York.”

You started modeling only a couple of months before New York Fashion Week. Was there any aspect of the business that surprised you?

“I didn’t really have any idea of the “model life.” I had only seen the end result — the pictures and shows — just like everyone else. Now I know that there is a lot of work behind this, it’s not only about being pretty.”


Prada, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen, the list goes on — what was it like to land such big shows?

“It was very exciting to do these shows, especially when you realize that five months ago I was looking at the pictures from them in all the magazines. Now, I’m wearing all these amazing clothes!”


Did you have a favorite show?

“It’s very hard to answer, because in all of the shows, I like something, and in every city I have my favorite one for different reasons. For example, in Milan, my favorite was Gucci for the clothes. For the atmosphere, it was Blumarine. For the team, I would say Marni. Actually, all the shows I walked are my favorite for different reasons.”


Who is your favorite designer?

“John Galliano. I really love his work with Dior. I always watch his show and am more and more pleasantly surprised. It’s more than a fashion show. It’s almost acting. I admire this kind of excessiveness (démesure) in the creations.”


What are your favorite pieces of clothing in your wardrobe?

“Right now it’s my Repetto shoes. I just bought the Zizi, and I love it!”


What’s on your iPod?

“Among others: ‘Sorry’ by Justin Nozuka, ‘Misery’ by Maroon 5, ‘Eye Adaba’ by Asa  and the complete albums of Beyoncé and Rihanna.


Do you have any must-have beauty products?

“My favorite hair product right now is the Quenching Masque by Bumble and bumble.”


Do you have any hobbies?

“I love reading. It’s like being in another world for a few minutes. It’s an essential feeling for me. Also, I’ve done a [classical] Indian dance — Bharatanatyam — for years.”


If you weren’t a model, what would you be?

“A journalist or a designer. The second one is more of a dream. But why not try to do them both? The movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ was like a revelation for me!”


Which models inspire you?

“Gisele Bündchen and Coco Rocha are very interesting for their poses.”


How has being discovered changed your life?

“I think modeling has changed me, but in a good way. Having this experience of fashion week has changed the way I see the world around me. All this travel has made me discover different things, and I’ve met very nice people. It’s really opening my mind!”

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