“The innocence of the Fifties; the elegance of Douglas Sirk movies; the anticipation of prom night; hot dogs sizzling on the BBQ; the cacophony of a traveling fair.” — Coco Kliks

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“The partially blurred, partially focused work of Karl Blossfeldt.” — Davies’ Erica Davies

“The collection is called ‘Savage Gypsies in the Urban Lagoon.’ These girls are wild, eclectic and full of surprises.” — Heike Jarick

“A modern Gatsby reinvented with a street sensibility.” — Jenni Kayne

“Russian avant-garde filmmaker Alexander Sokurov.” — martinMARTIN’s Eric Martin and Diane Moss-Martin

“The nautical styles of the Forties.” — Louis Verdad

“The shapes and colors of wet desert rocks, birds and sunsets.” — Pegah Anvarian

“The hydrangea.” — Rami Kashou

“Audrey Hepburn.” — Shakti’s Jacquelyne Love

“A sophisticated French woman. She sits and smokes; she doesn’t give a damn.” — Shawn’s Yohanna Logan

“Sixties’ icon Twiggy.” — Sheri Bodell

“The beautiful photographs of African villagers in Jackie Nickerson’s book, ‘Farm.’” — Society for Rational Dress’ Corinne Grassini