Francisco Costa was downright tongue-tied on Monday at a fete in honor of Safe Horizon, a charity for victims of violence. “I am so excited to meet – oh I forgot his name,” said Costa, who hosted the event at the Calvin Klein Collection boutique on Madison Avenue. Was he referring to Mario Lopez of Saved by the Bell, who was expected to arrive momentarily?

“Yes! I am told he has a workout book coming out and we have a lot to talk about because I need to get in shape.” Indeed, Lopez – who makes his Broadway debut in “A Chorus Line” today – filed in a few minutes later to pose for pictures with the designer (and, presumably, to offer up a few fitness pointers).

“I could teach him a thing or two,” said Lopez.

The annual event kicked off Safe Horizon’s Champion Awards, which will be held this year on May 8th at the 69th Regent Armory.

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