EROX REVISITED: When Erox Corp. tested an infomercial for its Realm fragrance last September, the results left something to be desired.

After a management change, the fate of the infomercial hung in the balance. Now it is being revised and retested. The most important change is the addition of Catherine Oxenberg, who hosts the program. In the old infomercial, Kimberlyn Brown, a soap opera star, was the host.
The new infomercial is also less scientific and more upbeat than the original, according to Bill Horgan, president of Erox. The original offered explanations of the fragrance formula, which contains human pheremones.

Horgan said Erox is also selling Realm in perfumeries.

The new infomercial will be tested at the end of August.

HAIR AGAIN: If you were thinking that the world doesn’t need another hair care line, think again.
Bernard Evans believes there is a void on the shelves in ethnic products. The hair care consultant, who works privately with high-profile clients such as LaToya Jackson, developed the Platinum Hair Care System for African-American women.

Evans will sell the line through an infomercial starring Daphne Maxwell Reid, who appears in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” on Fox.

The infomercial will be rolled out in September.