OGDEN ONLY A CONSULTANT AT CALVIN KLEIN: Sportswear designer Ann Ogden is working as a design consultant for the CK division of Calvin Klein Inc., a Calvin Klein spokeswoman said last week, contradicting reports published elsewhere that said Ogden had been hired as the design director of the CK bridge sportswear and jeanswear collections.

The spokeswoman said Ogden has not succeeded Barbara de Vries, who resigned from her post as vice president and design director of CK in October. De Vries subsequently filed a $2 million breach-of-contract suit against the company, stating she was the victim of a “major corporate restructuring.”

De Vries said they are searching for a successor

ELLEN TRACY HITS THE TENTS: Ellen Tracy, which celebrates its 45th anniversary this year, has decided join the fashion circus in Bryant Park. The bridge sportswear and dress firm is going to stage its first runway show during New York’s fall show week under the tents. Linda Allard, Ellen Tracy’s design director, said she believes shows are important for press coverage.

“In terms of how important we are to the bridge market,” she said, “we don’t always get the coverage we should. We also don’t always get the presidents of the stores into our showroom, so it would help at all levels to have those people attend a show.”

“We’ll see,” said Herb Gallen, chairman, who’s not so sure of the value of a runway show. “It certainly will not have a short-term effect because we’ll already be through with fall bookings by the time we have the show. It may be something for long-term.