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NEW YORK — Perhaps it’s odd that a husband-and-wife designer duo with a 22-month old daughter would find inspiration in a 1970s commune where the leader had 14 wives, but somehow the homage makes sense. 

“We don’t want something that looks like everyone else’s,” says Swaim Hutson, designer for Obedient Sons. “With suiting, cotton is so traditional. We focus on texture, using linen with a cotton feel.” The result is a hipified collection with polygamous roots linked back to a leader named Father Yod. Also known as psychedelic singer Ya Ho Wha, Yod died in a hang-gliding accident in 1975, thinking he could fly without a single lesson. “He had a restaurant in Malibu and wrote this book that I found called The Source,” says Christina Hutson, the other half of the designer duo, and Swaim’s wife. “One of his wives actually called me and wants to come see us.”

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