New York Fashion Week: the shows, the street-style snaps, the social shares.

As the role of magazine editors shifts and changes, influencers are emerging as the leading voices in fashion and beauty. More than two billion people log onto social media — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube — daily, which makes it all the more important for influencers, the reigning forces of these apps, to share their #content at fashion week.

“Influencers drive engagement, interest and ultimately sales,” said Chris Detert, chief communications officer of Influential, a company that uses artificial intelligence to pair brands with influencers. “It’s because of those factors that brands are unable to deny giving the front row to influencers rather than members of the media or even celebrities.”

The success of a fashion show depends, in part, on who sits in the front row, and while celebrities continue to be a draw, influencers carry another appeal.

“What’s great about influencers is they’re their own media,” said Detert. “They don’t require media saying that they were there. You know that they were there because they’re going to tell you that they were there and their whole audience follows that voraciously.”

The number of influencers attending the shows has grown “exponentially every year,” according to Detert, as they have proven effective at magnifying the reach of the runway via their personal followings. And with tentpole events like fashion week generating extra social buzz, influencers have the power to start a FOMO effect (fear of missing out) within their online communities.

“Fashion is a visual medium and social channels like Instagram are the perfect place for designers to instantly reach their audience,” said Detert. “Influencers are that instant media delivery mechanism.”

Below, 10 fashion influencers to look for at this year’s shows.

Camila Coelho, @camilacoelho

Erica Choi, @eggcanvas

Pernille Teisbaek, @pernilleteisbaek

Xenia Adonts, @xeniaoverdose

Aimee Song, @songofstyle

Jenny Cipoletti, @margoandme

Nadia Fairfax, @nadiafairfax

Jenny Walton, @jennymwalton

Kayleigh Li, @itskaykayleigh

Maya Washington, @mayasworld

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