On Oct. 16, 1963, WWD reported on a new breed emerging in New York social circles: The Young Naturals. “They have the breeding, the posh schools, the banker or broker husbands, the fashionable East Side apartments,” wrote WWD. “But three cheers for their Natural Good Looks, their Ease, their Styles, and they have done it all themselves.” The ladies, all 25 years old and younger, included Linda Hackett (“now built like a statue”), Ritchey Banker (“outdoors-y, right down to the sunburn and freckles”), Marty McLanahan (“loves to land ski”), Mimi Reed (“lean and lanky in the Lauren Bacall manner”) and Annette Reed, who was “just back from eight months in Africa where she gained five pounds eating ice cream (she now weighs 103).” “Don’t confuse the young naturals with their safety-first contemporaries in the Social Register,” continued the paper, “following Mother and Grandmother without a drop of individuality and ending up dull, dull, dull.” Here, more of WWD’s descriptions on the “Natural” women.

On balls:
“Boring…but they go anyway — to a few choice ones.”

On home: “What they all share is a Love of Order — as neat and tidy as you can get without eliminating the human element…a brocade matchbook next to every chair…the hairpins symmetrically arranged on a tray…it’s the discipline of the boarding schools that does it.”

This story first appeared in the December 7, 2010 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

On heroines: “Mrs. Paley — so non-caring with her elegance (Mrs. Guinness tries a bit too hard)…Audrey Hepburn is a group-splitter (some think she’s the last word, others question her peace of mind).”

On makeup: “The minimum — for a natural look…but this doesn’t rule out false eyelashes (“furries”), nude lipstick and powdered rouge instead of pancake.”

On fashion:
“They love clothes but don’t hoard them…they all adore Chanel, in any form…many find Paris couture clothes, even Americanized copies, too hard to wear and too obviously of the moment.”

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