Company: Armani
Owner: Giorgio Armani
Odds of a Sale: 100-1. Giorgio’s happier than ever and glad he didn’t sell. But who’s the heir apparent?

Company: Bally
Owner: Texas Pacific Group
Odds of a Sale: 10-1. Texas Pacific has admitted that it is looking for an additional investor in the Swiss leather goods brand. But, face it, it would sell in a moment if it got the right price.

Company: Calvin Klein
Owner: Calvin Klein; Barry Schwartz
Odds of a Sale: 50-1. Calvin says he likes what he does, but he also has had talks with potential buyers. First, though, he has to get his jeans and underwear businesses back.

Company: Chanel
Owner: Wertheimer family
Odds of a Sale: 250-1. A rumor that has been around for a while — and LVMH would grab it in a heartbeat. Would the next generation of Wertheimers sell? And who will ever succeed Karl?

Company: Chloe
Owner: Compagnie Financiere
Odds of a Sale: 15-1. Phoebe Philo seems to be settling in just fine, but Richemont has never considered this a core business, even when Stella was there.

Company: Chopard
Owner: The Scheufele family
Odds of a Sale: 25-1. The French jeweler has reportedly been on the block for a while now. If it was such a great deal, wouldn’t it have been snapped up already?

Company: Church’s
Owner: Prada
Odds of a Sale: 5-1. Prada is said to be eager to sell many of its noncore brands. But it overpaid for Church’s in a bidding war with Diego Della Valle. Can it recoup its investment?

Company: Dolce & Gabbana
Owner: Domenico Dolce; Stefano Gabbana
Odds of a Sale: 30-1. Still in development mode as a business, evidenced by the hiring recently of Gabriella Forte. Is it too specialist a taste for a major group?

Company: Harry Winston
Owner: Ronald Winston; Fenway Partners
Odds of a Sale: 25-1. Ronald Winston has finally consolidated ownership and is still building the brand. Is it too soon to sell?

Company: Helmut Lang
Owner: Prada
Odds of a Sale: 5-1. This once-hot designer seems to have cooled. Prada, eager for cash, might be more than glad to sell.

Company: Jil Sander
Owner: Prada
Odds of a Sale: 15-1. Patrizio Bertelli is said to be more eager to kiss and make up with Jil than sell, but then there are those LVMH rumors.

Company: Paul Smith
Owner: Sir Paul Smith, family
Odds of a Sale: 25-1. He called off his plans to sell to a major group, but there is no family heir apparent to the madcap British knight.

Company: Versace
Owner: The Versace family
Odds of a Sale: 25-1. Higher profile than ever, but are there buyers out there willing to pay the price?

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