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Imagine Pee Wee Herman on a hip hop safari and you might come close to Agnese Narnicka’s One Wolf men’s wear collection “The Tourist” for spring 2016. The Latvian designer, winner of the 2010 men’s Baltic Fashion Award and a 2014 Hyères finalist, sent her gents butterfly collecting. Each of the prize specimens found their way onto the necks of her fashion entomologists as a realistic silkscreen-printed butterfly bow tie.

For the rest of the gear, Narnicka proposed casually tailored and roomy cotton jackets, vests and coats, all with oversize cargo pockets and some sporting gun flaps at the shoulder. These were shown with stretch cotton fitted shirts, often under slim V-neck sweaters or a boxier three-quarter-sleeve style with gun flaps and megacargo pockets.

The pleated and five-pocket bottoms ranged from really baggy or comfortably ample below-the-knee shorts, midcalf pants along with pleated and five-pocketed baggy, semitrim and jodhpur-fit trousers. Worn all together, and with models walking in platform boots, things took on a wacky lilt, but viewed individually there were pieces with collector appeal.

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