An inspiration look by Anton Belinskiy.

Anton Belinskiy is in more of a soul-searching, spiritual mood for spring 2019, with his first coed show and debut slot on the official Paris schedule.

“For me, it means taking things to the next level. It’s an incredible opportunity that brings maximum visibility,” said Belinskiy, who used religion as the starting point of the collection, with nods to a range of faiths including Greek Orthodox and Buddhism.

The designer — an emissary of post-Soviet streetwear cool who was a finalist of the LVMH Prize in 2015 and showed as part of VFiles in February 2016 — will show on Oct. 2 in the foyer of the Palais de Tokyo.

Local artist Vova Vorotniov collaborated on the new collection, which uses a palette inspired by “human auras” and features new material mixes, combining sportswear with luxe fabrics like a chiffon made from vintage silk.

The lineup will include new denim items as well as reworked blasts from the past. Things will be less charged and colorful than usual — “my take on minimalism,” said Belinskiy, who counts early Prada among his key influences.

Describing the situation in his native Ukraine, since the revolution in 2014, as “still complex and challenging,” Belinskiy is part of a creative community in Kiev “looking to promote a peaceful lifestyle.”

“This is less about politics, more about how people try to find their path; everybody has their own goal to reach,” he said of the new collection. “I’m experiencing a new vibe, a new energy,” he said.

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