A look from the Saks Potts fall 2019 collection

PARIS — After New York last season, Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts are taking their colorful fur coats to Paris. Since its inception in 2014, the Danish brand, which also presents during Copenhagen fashion week in August, has become known for its high-octane looks featuring fur outerwear in pastel tones, popping colors or vivid patterned motifs, created in collaboration with Danish supplier Kopenhagen Fur.

“Growing up in Copenhagen, we knew the best investment is always a coat,” said Potts, in reference to the Scandi country’s chilly weather. “But on the streets, we only ever saw black or gray coats, so we decided to create something to bring a bit of color. Women’s outerwear should stand out and brighten the environment around it.”

It worked: friends of the now 25-year-old designers — Saks, who studied fashion design, and Potts, who has a degree in art history, launched the brand at the tender age of 20 — came up to them to say they had switched their dark coats for the brand’s colorful fur-trimmed models. The brand introduced similarly bright down jackets for fall 2018, and will offer new renditions of the piece this season.

The down jackets, which are fur-free, retail at a lower price point than the luxe fur coats, which start around $700 and can creep up to $9,800. “As 25-year-olds, we know it’s important to also do styles that everyone can afford,” said Potts. The brand now does full silhouettes and accessories, including patterned logo tights priced at $75, an Instagram hit. Additional logo-printed pieces will be developed in the fall 2019 collection.

The brand’s first Paris presentation, set for Feb. 26, will be themed around Swiss thermal baths: the designers got inspired both by their classic architecture and zen vibe. Expect animal-shaped towels as props, luxe bathrobes and lots of relaxing music.

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