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LONDON — Pamela Anderson knows a thing or two about sexy dressing.

The Canadian-American actress and model who’s best known for her role in “Baywatch” is the face of the British lingerie label Coco de Mer and has now unveiled a lingerie line of her own.

“Everyone always says ‘Why haven’t you done a lingerie line before, or a swimsuit line, after ‘Baywatch?'” Anderson said in an interview. “I just wanted it to have the right sensibility. It’s not just lingerie, it’s philosophy, and I share the same philosophy as Coco — playfulness.

“I’m a lingerie addict. I love romance, and lingerie is a big part of keeping romance alive. We don’t want people to forget how to make love just because they have a computer. This is all part of my message and what I believe in.”

For inspiration, Anderson said she looked to old movies, French films and bombshell pin-up girls such as Sophia Loren. She also examined the lingerie she loves wearing for Coco de Mer.

Her new, 34-piece Pamela Loves Coco de Mer collection ranges from baby doll nightgowns, bras, thongs and suspenders to a sheer trenchcoat. The collection takes in embroidery, lace, georgette satin and dot mesh.

“I wanted the legs to be really high cut — kind of like ‘Baywatch,'” Anderson said. “I took a lot from my life and what really worked for me. It really made your legs longer and more beautiful because we’re not all 6 feet tall. Little boy shorts are cute sometimes, but I think the long legs are beautiful, so we cut things a lot higher.”

The names of the ranges all relate to something from Anderson’s life. The red collection is called Lucky because Anderson said she feels lucky when she wears red, while the Pink range is called Ladysmith as that is the city in British Columbia where Anderson was born. Prices range from 35 pounds for a thong to 95 pounds for a sheer trenchcoat. It will be sold at Coco de Mer stores online and at Selfridges.

Anderson has been busy on a variety of fronts. She has penned a book that is due out in February called “The Sensual Revolution: The Lost Art of Intimacy and Playfulness and Desensitization.” She wrote it with a Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, and it’s meant to be an updated version of “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus.”

She recently did a faux fur line of coats made of recycled plastic and cotton for the Russian manufacturer Only Me, which took its cue from Old Hollywood style, Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe. Anderson sent a coat to First Lady Melania Trump as well as Kim Kardashian.

An animal rights activist, Anderson said her designer pal Vivienne Westwood has taught her so much and has been a major influence on her life. “There are so many funny stories,” Anderson said of Westwood. “But she always says to me, ‘I don’t have to draw you a map, you get it! You’re going to all my campaigns, we’re going to do everything together.'”

She is also involved with PETA and is a promoter of veganism.

“I have a platform that somehow I’ve created,” Anderson said. “And I have an opportunity to be able to share information and bring awareness to things. I have very smart friends like Vivienne Westwood and Julian Assange. I learned a lot from them and I like to share what I’ve learned. When I started on ‘Baywatch’ and got so much attention, I wanted to share the attention with something more meaningful than boobs and boyfriends.”