Diane and Jean de Ribes gave a ball for their daughter Elodie Segard the other night at the enchanting Chateau de Champlatreux.

On the Chateau’s bucolic grounds, just outside Paris, Carolyne Roehm was spotted strolling barefoot through the woods with the eligible bachelor Serge Karogalan.

Inside, Samantha Bass and Alexandra Shiva walked around arm-in-arm while parents Anne Bass and Gil Shiva chatted away. Claude Roland was still talking about his cocktail party the night before for the American Democrats, which he had to leave because Pamela Harriman and he were dining chez the Aga Khan. “Just as we were leaving, pizza arrived for my guests. I just said, ‘send it right up’ and they stayed for hours without me,” Roland recalled.

Jacques Granges observed it was strange that no one was wearing YSL and Joy Hendericks called out that she was. Alfred Taubman, not one to miss a trend, asked if she was also wearing a Wonderbra.

A few nights later, Patrick Cox shoes were all the rage when the London-based designer opened his first shoe/antique boutique in Paris and throngs of hip fans packed his shop and spilled onto the sidewalk. The downtown crowd included everyone from fellow accessory designers Philippe Ferrandis, the 31 Fevrier duo Marc Gourmelen and Helene Nepomiatzi, and Marie Mercie to photographer Mark Borthwick and designers Koji Tatsuno and Andre Walker.