Ralph Pucci likes to give fashion students the kind of exposure that could help kick-start a career.

On Monday, at his showroom at 44 West 18th Street, Pucci will host a fashion show by Camerin Stoldt who graduated Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute last May. Her fashion caught Pucci’s eye at the Pratt student fashion show.

“The moment Stoldt’s collection hit the runway, I knew she was the one to represent Pratt for the annual Pucci/Pratt exhibition,” Pucci told WWD. “Her clothes are colorful, modern and simple — very exciting and refreshing.”

Ten pieces from Stoldt’s collection will be displayed on 10 mannequins from Pucci’s new Olympia collection, creating a still-life runway in the Penthouse gallery. “When designing, I always go back to my knowledge and experience with art, looking to my favorites — Picasso, Malevich and Gauguin — and their pure demonstration of color or use of shape,” explained the 22-year-old Stoldt. “Ultimately, materials tell you what they want to be, but I tried very different techniques like bonding and athletic finishes. I design garments that revolve around the archetypes of our everyday wardrobe, but play with dimension, shape or textile. I want people to want to reach out and touch the clothing and be excited by the material, but also be able to recognize it and see it having a place in their lives.

“A thesis collection is a really wonderful process because you’re allowed this breadth of creativity that the industry doesn’t always get to touch on, so I got to explore all these different techniques of making. I spent nine months to get to these 10 looks. At the end of the day, some of the pieces are relatively easy to wear. The girl should feel easygoing and cool. “

At the Pucci showroom, which features art, photography, lighting, home furnishings, sculpture, fashion and mannequins, Stoldt’s collection will be complemented by an exhibition of ceramics by French designer Olivier Gagnère, whose work is also steeped in color. “It’s amazing how beautifully his colors match with Camerin’s. She’s a 21-year-old kid and he’s shown at the Picasso Museum.” This will be the first show of Gagnère’s ceramics at Pucci, and his first show in New York in more than two decades. The show, which will be up for 10 days, is being cosponsored by the Museum of the City of New York.  “The museum is looking to upgrade their profile, and they want to be involved in edgy, new and fresh ideas. They’ll bring their audience to the show.” Considering it’s fashion week, a host of  fashion and visual executives from retailers, as well as decorators and others are also expected at Monday’s show.

Last year, Pucci staged a fashion show with Claire McKinney, another Pratt fashion student. “This has become an annual event for us,” Pucci said.