Meghan Duchess of Sussex at a township to learn about Youth Employment Services, JohannesburgPrince Harry and Meghan Duchess of Sussex visit to Africa - 02 Oct 2019

LONDON — The ITV documentary featuring Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will air in the U.S. later Wednesday, and it will no doubt draw millions of eyeballs, as it did on home turf last week.

Many viewers are already familiar with the few clips that have gone viral, but the documentary is wide-ranging and addresses a variety of subjects, casting a new light on the couple.

During the hour-long documentary, ITV reporter Tom Brady tracks Meghan and Harry’s journey through Africa and highlights the causes that the couple has been championing, as well as the struggles they are facing in the spotlight.

“It’s hard, in all fairness I had no idea, which probably sounds difficult to understand, but when I first met my now-husband, my friends were really happy but my British friends said, “I’m sure he’s great, but the British tabloids will destroy your life. I didn’t get it, and it’s been complicated,” said Markle.

She also talks about adopting the British stiff upper lip.

“I’ve said for a long time to H, it’s not enough to just survive something. That’s not the point of life. You have to thrive, and I think I really try to adopt this British sensibility, a stiff upper lip. But I think that what that does internally is probably really damaging. But you just take each day as it comes,” she added.

While the prince’s focus was on continuing his mother Princess Diana’s legacy, such as aiming to rid Angola of landmines by 2025, he also speaks candidly about his family being targeted by the press.

“There’s a lot of stuff that hurts, especially when a lot of it is untrue, but I will not be bullied into playing a game that killed my mom,” he said.

The documentary also features interviews with South Africans who met the royals during their trip. “We came through a hard period in our past, with royalty coming it makes us feel stronger that our battles aren’t being ignored and their presence actually gives us hope for our future,” said a resident of Bo-Kaap, Cape Town.

In Britain, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s documentary was such a hit that it obscured some other major news regarding the royals: Prince Andrew’s relationship with the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Harry’s uncle has allegedly committed sexual offenses with minors — which he has robustly denied. His friendship with Epstein was the subject of another documentary that aired on Channel 4 in the U.K., just one day after “Harry & Meghan: An African Journey.”

Titled “The Prince and The Pedophile,” it made for difficult viewing, and featured victim statements and photo and video evidence of the alleged crimes.

Presented by Cathy Newman, it detailed the association, connections and meetings that Prince Andrew had with Epstein and the sex crimes he allegedly committed.

One of the prince’s accusers, Virginia Roberts, recalled a night out with Andrew at Tramp nightclub in London.

“He’s a hideous dancer, and he was sweating profusely all over me. I grew up watching Disney just like most little girls grew up watching Disney, and princesses and princes were the good people of the world — and he wasn’t,” she says.

One of the biggest allegations to come to light is an orgy that Roberts claims Prince Andrew took part in with herself, eight other girls and Epstein on Epstein’s private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Roberts says that she was “around 18 at the time,” while the eight other girls “all seemed and appeared to be under the age of 18 and didn’t really speak English. Epstein laughed about the fact that they couldn’t communicate saying that they are the easiest girls to get along with.”

Those shocking and very detailed allegations were steamrolled by the Sussex’s documentary, which also touched on Harry’s rumored feud with his brother Prince William — palatable and familiar story arcs for the public to digest on their way to and from work.

“I think that the documentary about Prince Andrew was very good, but didn’t reveal anything we hadn’t already read or heard about. People in the U.K. are far more interested in Meghan and Harry and their various woes than Prince Andrew’s alleged relationship with a girl who was a sex slave to a man no one had even heard of before. If Ghislaine Maxwell had been interviewed and talked about Prince Andrew then that would have been news. Otherwise the only interesting thing was to see footage of Epstein at the Queen’s residences. But it is not the first time unsavory people have been entertained at royal homes,” said Ingrid Seward, editor in chief of Majesty magazine.

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