Behind The Scenes of Zac Posen's Lookbook With Kate Upton

At Zac Posen’s spring 2018 shoot, Kate Upton opens up about the unglamorous aspects of modeling and going from “zero to 100” when dressing up.

WWD: What attracted you to this project with Zac?
Kate Upton: I was really excited about doing this project with Zac because I think he is always known for being innovative and thinking forward in the industry. And that’s what this is all about, especially with social media and the Internet and how things are changing, this is the best way to really showcase his clothes and show the world that it lives in.

WWD: What do you love about Zac’s clothes?
K.U.: Zac has an amazing way of being able to do all of these different silhouettes and designs while still showing the woman’s body through his structure.…Everything really accentuates what a woman wants to show and is very flattering on her body.

WWD: Describe your style.
K.U.: Depending on the occasion, I could go anywhere, but I always like to have a bit of a feminine touch to everything I do.

WWD: Do you like getting dressed up?
K.U.: I love! What girl doesn’t like getting dressed up? It’s so fun.

WWD: When are you most likely to get dressed up?
K.U.: I will say that I am kind of zero to 100. Like, if I’m going out, I’m getting dressed up, or I’m in sweat pants, watching TV.

WWD: What do you love about modeling?
K.U.: I think something that’s so amazing, and why I really wanted to get into modeling, was to be able to travel, to be able to see the world and live in this glamorous world and meet all these different people.

WWD: You live in a glamorous world but it’s also hard work. Talk about the unglamorous side.
K.U.: I think that everybody has this, no matter what your job is, you have bad days, you have people you don’t get along with. The thing about modeling is every single day you’re working with a completely new team so every single day is your first day of work or your first day of school. And you can’t really have an off day because that will be the only experience they have with you.

WWD: So maybe you have to be a little bit of a psychologist. You always have to read the room, and you’re always reading a new room, right?
K.U.: Exactly. You have to definitely be able to fit inside the room. But I think that everyone is doing that and so there’s also a bit of a relaxed feel.

WWD: How do you define glamour?
K.U.: I think that glamour is about confidence. I think however somebody feels beautiful, that’s glamour.

WWD: What’s the most fun thing you’ve done this summer?
K.U.: I actually went to Italy and the Amalfi — the food, the aperol spritz. Who can complain? [laughter]