It wasn’t the kind of an entertainment that Ed Sullivan might have featured, or maybe even understood. The Wooster Group’s premiere of “Fish Story” — a performance piece with little dialog but lots of stomping — left even the most catholic of the downtown denizens a little baffled Monday night.

“I don’t care what you call it; I don’t like it,” said deejay Anita Sarko.

The real show, many thought, was at the party afterward where a pack of pretty girls banded around Willem Dafoe, a Wooster Group founder. Dafoe had just returned from Mexico where he was shooting “Clear and Present Danger.”

It was a different sort of show the following night at the annual Michelangelo Shoe Awards dinner at the Met. This year, a prize went to Isaac Mizrahi, the man whose saddle shoes are being flagged as spring musts. In honor of the occasion, Le Miz eschewed black tie for his favorite black slippers. “They’re Manolo Blahnik,” he said. “Couture velvet Hush Puppies. He used to make my women’s shoes, and he made these for me.” Broadway’s Tommy Tune received another award for being an all-around stylish fellow. Adolph Green’s take on the award was a philosophical one — “We all make shoes, in one way or another.”

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