Byline: Josh Greene

Fraser Ross, owner, Kitson on Robertson, Los Angeles

Where do you shop at the marts?
“I like Parallel Lines because they’re very accommodating. Isabelle Fiori handbags are our biggest vendor, as well as Miguel Ases.”

Secret finds at CaliforniaMart and New Mart:
“It’s hard to find secrets because everybody shops there. To find secrets, I usually go to Canada. Most buyers go to Los Angeles and New York, but I find some great things up in Canada, and the exchange rate helps for that, too.”

Tried-and-true lines:
“Joomi Joolz has great T-shirts and belts. Nomination bracelets in 18-karat gold with charms are also great. But we’re such a trend store that we always go to new styles. If a brand stays hot, then we’ll stick with them, but if they become stagnant, we have to go elsewhere.”

Current bestseller:
“Isabelle Fiori handbags. People collect them; they’re so great. Great Wall of China vintage clothing has also been successful. Shoshanna has done well, and we’re going to carry her upcoming swimwear line soon.”

Biggest challenge at the Mart:
“Our street is very competitive. Robertson is a hip version of Rodeo Drive, and the customers want edge. Customers want to know they’re getting something unique, so you have to be careful at the Mart that it doesn’t wind up in every store. L.A. is very T-shirt based and very casual, so you have to keep that in mind, but find something that’s more interesting. I mean, this is L.A.; it’s all about TV shows and celebrity endorsements. The stylists dictate the trends because the celebrities all have to be unique. With all the premieres, you wouldn’t want to show up wearing the same thing as someone else.”

Upcoming plans:
“We’ll go strong into bags and belts. We’re also planning for more safari and camouflage looks. Jewelry was really hot, but it isn’t so big now.

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