Michael Halpern, Dilara Findikoglu, Richard Quinn

LONDON — Designers Dilara Findikoglu, Michael Halpern and Richard Quinn are some of the most colorful, best-known names on the London Fashion Week schedule, even though their labels are still young.

Known for his colorful prints, big volumes and dramatic runway shows, Quinn is looking to up the ante this season, adding texture to his clothes by turning prints into embroideries and making his silhouettes even more dramatic.

“The show is as important as the set, the music, the choreography. We like having emotion in our shows and actually wanting people to feel something, so hopefully [this season] will have the same effect,” said Quinn.

He’s also putting a focus on creating more couture-like garments that can withstand the test of time. “I’m hopefully turning [my] prints into really extra extravagant and almost archive-like pieces,” he said.

Halpern, too, has been getting experimental with his designs. While he’s known for being a sequin-studded brand, the designer has been introducing new materials to create the same high-shine sequined and glamorous effect.

“It’s been interesting for me to see how to translate that magpie mentality that we have here into something that’s not solely sequins,” said Halpern. He’s been weaving, draping and pleating with lamé to create movement and a three-dimensional look.

“You can do incredible 3-D volume with it. We’ve played a lot in that world and with how we translate simple fabrics into something extraordinary,” Halpern added.

Findikoglu has zeroed in on sustainability. Not only is she changing the way she works, but her collection is also a commentary on climate change as it’s themed around the four elements – earth, air, water and fire.

“I thought I should do something about climate change and I started changing the way I live and the way we work in the studio already. I hope one day, us young designers can change the whole industry,” she said.

She’s been working with local women in her hometown in Turkey on embellishments and sourcing organic materials and introducing upcycled elements into her work, such as using deadstock.

She’s also taking small yet impactful steps by using vegan leather and natural dyeing techniques. “I have been collecting loads of old garments and loads of old materials to use in my collection, I hope that one day we can be 100 percent sustainable,” Findikoglu added.

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