The flashy, huge Hard Rock Cafe rarely lured celebs — except when they were paid to appear. But visiting rocker Debbie Harry already has held court in the newly opened ricebar, arguably Houston’s tiniest nightspot.

“She sat in the opium bed all night and had her entourage guarding her from the masses,” said owner Jeff Yarborough. “She thought it was really cool.”

It’s certainly different. The mini boite’s decor is dark and exotic and features the aforementioned “opium bed” — actually a teak daybed that seats five, stuffed with snakeskin pillows and hung with a merlot-colored sharkskin — and Japanese paper parasol sconces. There’s a deejay spinning chilled-out techno music, but no dance floor. And the 600-square-foot ricebar only holds 50 people.

Yarborough and film-set designer David Nelson turned the lack of space into an advantage: The area above the bar houses metal-grate-covered cubby holes that are backlit to flaunt the bottles being stored.

The ricebar already has a devoted following among the fashion-art-music-film crowd of Prada-clad thirtysomethings. Said Yarborough: “This is where models go when they grow up.” 909 Texas Avenue, Houston, (713) 222-2695.