ROMANTIC NOTIONS: Jostens Inc.”I love you,” “I adore you,” “I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow…” These are some of the tender thoughts conveyed in the latest collection by Carolee Designs. “Sterling Sentiments” features romantic expressions inscribed on sterling silver bangles, rings and necklaces in French and English. The pieces, which wholesale from $15 for a ring to $70 for a cuff, are sure to sweeten anyone’s spring.

INSTANT REPLAY: Replay, the Italian jeans company, is entering the East Coast market with a brand new 9,000-square-foot store in Soho. The bi-level store features clothes and accessories for men, women, and children as well as boots, home furnishings, bath products and a cafe with coffees, teas and light fare. Prices range from $19.95 for T-shirts to $700 for leather jackets.

THE GILDA AGE: For shoppers making their way down Fifth Avenue this season, a stop for lunch at Gilda’s on 49th Street is a must.

Owned and run by six partners with years of restaurant experience between them, this new mid-town spot is filled with the fashionable from Saks Fifth Avenue across the street and nearby international boutiques.

Gilda’s features Italian food and an unusual ambience. There are frescoes by Antonio Romano and Bijan Safavi, one of which is based on Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus.” The cafe on the lower floor – decorated as a grotto – features piano music during cocktail hour and live jazz at night. A sweeping staircase heads upstairs, where painted cherubs and angels frolic among the clouds on the ceiling.

But it’s Chef Roberto Ottini’s food that really sends the diners soaring, with specialities such as risotto with shrimp and asparagus, pasta bowties with smoked salmon and grilled portobello mushrooms in wine sauce.