NEW YORK — A crowd of 200 people who arrived at the Metronome restaurant here on Sunday hoping to see a fashion show of the Roseanne Arnold Collection were instead treated to a buffet lunch by Stanley Warner, president of CelebSales, after a court order on Friday barred Warner from showing the line.

A preliminary injunction was issued in Los Angeles Superior Court by Judge David Perez, prohibiting Warner and CelebSales from holding the fashion show and from using the names Roseanne, Arnold, Roseanne Arnold, Tom and Tom Arnold.

“We weren’t able to notify all of the people that the show was canceled so we decided to come here anyway,” said Warner — with a copy of his restraining order and a gang of bodyguards in tow — “and we were still stuck with the food bill.”

So, Warner served up Caesar salad, pasta and chicken and introduced plus-size model Christine Alt who will manufacture a line of large-size clothing for the holiday season with CelebSales.

When asked whether she might be skittish about doing a line with Warner after the recent legal wrangling with Roseanne Arnold, Alt replied: “I’m not anything like the other person Stanley’s having problems with.”

Among those disappointed by the show’s cancellation was Roberta Winley of the Nancy Crystal company, which produced the samples for the Roseanne Arnold line. “A lot of time and effort was put into this,” she said. “We made the samples and she [Roseanne] kept them. I’m losing money as a company, and on a personal level I’m disappointed. It would have been nice to see Roseanne here. I even brought my daughter.”

As for Warner, he said that the matter was still in the courts. “We want Roseanne for television shows,” he said. “Retailers are squeamish about having her in the stores. We don’t want to carp on this. She’s looking for a new manufacturer. I just hope he has a strong heart.”

Later Warner said that he would be willing to go ahead with a Roseanne line if she was willing to go ahead with the line as well. “I came out of retirement to do the Roseanne line,” he said, “but I think the Alt-ternative will be better.”

Stay tuned.

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