ROSEANNE REBUTS: The fists are still flying between CelebSales and would-be fashion designer Roseanne Arnold. As CelebSales’s Sunday fashion show draws near — originally pegged “The Roseanne Arnold Collection” — the battle of wills between the apparel company and Arnold continues to heat up.

The latest salvos:

  • Arnold issued a statement saying Stanley Warner, president of CelebSales, had not only missed a scheduled payment for the license but that, “I felt Mr. Warner was compromising the integrity of my designs…What I approved in wool, he plans to have manufactured in polyester.”
  • To which Warner responded, “We never compromised anything. We wanted to make her happy. We never substituted anything. That’s sheer nonsense.”

The two sides are awaiting round two on Friday for a hearing in Los Angles Superior Court in which Judge David D. Perez will consider a preliminary injunction in the case. Arnold won a temporary restraining order on Tuesday prohibiting CelebSales from using her name in an apparel line to be launched Sunday at the Metronome restaurant here.

Arnold, in her statement, charged that Warner misrepresented her “with wildly absurd and patently offensive statements to the press and to people in the fashion industry, so [we] felt a restraining order was necessary.”

Warner maintains the dispute is a result of Arnold’s refusal to allow him to merchandise the line on television.

Warner said all he wants is to talk to Arnold. “I want to end this amicably,” he said. “If she called me and said, ‘I want to end this,’ I would have said ‘Fine Rosie, let’s end this.’ I don’t want it if I can’t go on television with it.”

A DATE WITH KATE: With a guest list that includes Tatum O’Neal, Juliana Hatfield, Matt Dillon, Jaye Davidson, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige and all the supermodels, plus their beaus and entourages, the Ghost party has become one of show week’s hottest tickets. It’s happening Friday night, and both Johnny Depp and Mario Sorrenti — Kate Moss’s current and former loves — are expected.

TODD’S NEW BOD: It’ll be a svelte new Todd Oldham taking a bow at his show tonight. Oldham and partner Tony Longoria each have shed about 15 pounds on a low-fat vegetarian diet. Oldham, who looks lean and angular, said he wasn’t necessarily looking to lose weight but wanted to stop eating animal products. The two also have been working out more regularly, they said. Could a Todd diet and workout video be on its way?

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