SHOCK TALK: As far as Alexander McQueen is concerned, the New York fashion industry consists of “200 Anna Suis and that guy Todd Oldham.” So McQueen is going to do his best to give New York what he thinks is a much-needed wakeup call on Tuesday night with a film about his collection. The screening is part of a party being held by In the Mix to celebrate the opening of its new West Broadway offices. The 25-year-old London designer, who has worked for Koji Tatsuno and Romeo Gigli, caught the attention of editors at his second show this February. He calls his look “classic tailoring with a hint of perversity,” and says, “I want to give New York a kick up the ass, really. I’m trying to break down the boundaries of tailoring and fabric, and the film is going to show people things that aren’t what they like to see.”

Such as? “Transvestites, just as they are — not all dressed up. And things that inspire me, like old Man Ray or Mary Ellen Mark photos. It’s done in a way that will shock people.”

TEMPER, TEMPER, PART TWO: “Poor little Laura Whitcomb — give me a break! I feel like poor little Oribe!” If Oribe didn’t have a temper tantrum backstage Saturday night at Laura Whitcomb’s fashion show, which started nearly an hour late, he sure blew his stack when he heard that Whitcomb blamed him for the fiasco (Tuesday’s WWD).

“I was doing this for nothing,” says the hairstylist. “I told her, ‘You should keep the little amount of money you’re paying me and go to a finishing school, because you have to learn how to talk to people.”‘

The argument between the stylist and the designer erupted, says Oribe, when Whitcomb ordered him to brush out one of his elaborate coifs.

“Who does she think she is, Calvin Klein? He pays me $20,000 — he says brush it out, I brush it out. “Karl Lagerfeld tells me, ‘The girls don’t go out until you say they go out.’ And here’s this little girl who designs in an Adidas tennis shoe ordering me around. I’m 38 years old — I could be her father!”

TOUGH SELL: Russell Simmons is determined to get his Phat Farm into Bloomingdale’s. At Anna Sui’s show, he yelled over people’s heads to Kal Ruttenstein, asking him if he’d seen the fall line yet. Ruttenstein shook his head no. Simmons response? “Oh come on. It is so fresh. You got all that Double RL and all that stuff.”

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