WWD asked Chicagoans what they thought of the return of shorter hemlines.

Joyce Sanchez, retail manager. “It’s great that short skirts are coming back. I wear both short and long. I work in retail, and customers ask for them all the time.”

Shari Williams, flight attendant. “I like short. I always have. Even with the long skirts, I only like the tighter styles.”

Adrianne Brazile, sales associate. “I don’t like short skirts at all. They’re not feminine. There’s no flow to them, especially if you’re tall; they chop you up. Long skirts flow and show the lines much more beautifully.”

Elizabeth Jones, physician. “If you have good legs, they’re good. If you have bad legs, they’re bad. I like them at night; they’re sexy.”

Laurel Falls, photographer. “As you age past 25, the cellulite starts to gather and you age past short skirts.”

Rachel Imber, project coordinator. “Short skirts are fine if you can wear them. I’m not tall enough.”