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“Midnight at the Victorian rodeo.” — 3.1 Phillip Lim

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“The mystical strength of women.” — Alice + Olivia

“I loved the handcrafted American folk art in a recent exhibit: ‘Mystery and Benevolence: Masonic and Odd Fellows Folk Art from the Kendra and Allan Daniel Collection,’ at the American Folk Art Museum.” — Anna Sui

“The uniforms of the loners, the somebodies, the shy and secretly talented.” — Band of Outsiders

“Inspired by the women muses of La Belle Époque, a pre-war, Parisian era characterized by flourishing art and literature, optimism, prosperity and technological and cultural innovations [and] the many unnamed muses who inspired the arts and culture during this prolific era.” — Bibhu Mohapatra

“The multicolor world of David Hockney.” — Boss

“Iridescent light.” — Delpozo

“Today’s modern woman is a true world voyager, whether she is near her home or 1,000 miles away…every day is a true adventure.” — Dennis Basso

“It’s always an attempt to preserve memories. From my sister, an undeveloped roll of film, a mix tape and a lightbulb are cast into white silicone. The memories become memorials. The photograph is an attempt to slow down time, make the past and present one.” — Gabriela Hearst

“I was inspired by nature and shadow, the experience of spring in an urban environment.” — J.Mendel

“New York City” — Jeremy Scott

“Holiday flavour.” — Felipe Oliveira Baptista, Lacoste

“Spring exudes an entertaining lifestyle and all that entails: pieces that seamlessly take you from day to dinner.” — Lela Rose

“Just when we thought we couldn’t take the more-is-more aesthetic any further, we surprised even ourselves — Love you all!” — Libertine

“Powerful romance.” — Michael Kors

“The collection is a nostalgic reflection of the last 20 years. I incorporated favorites while celebrating the modern woman.” — Monique Lhuillier

“Travis Bickle state of mind.” — Monse

“The mythical world of Lori Field’s paintings.” — Nanette Lepore

“#currentmood” — Narciso Rodriguez

“Ancient & Modern.” — Oscar de la Renta

“Modern American sportswear.” — UAS Collection 01 from Under Armour and Tim Coppens

“East Coast/West Coast.” — Tory Burch

“Shutters…” — Yeohlee

“Play on texture.” — Zac Posen

“Perfectly Parisien.” — Zang Toi

“The sea represents the myriad moods, feelings and aesthetics that inspired the collection Siren’s Song design, color palette and overall feel.” — Ane Amour

“Woman as predator. ” — Area NYC

“This collection is inspired by the woman of New York City. It’s a denim patchwork sportswear line that’s equal parts street and uptown, that’s quintessentially New York through and through.” — Adrian Escoto, The Art Institutes

“Straight from Carnaby Street in London circa 1960 with a funky nod to Mr. Austin Powers himself….Groovy, baby!” — Bianca Zidik, The Art Institutes

“This collection is inspired by a fashion-driven woman wearing runway garments in her own unique streetwear style while traveling across the country. It’s modern sportswear that’s easy and wearable, but elevated by unexpected mixes of fabrics, prints and design details.” — Melody Hernandez, The Art Institutes

“An avant-garde collection inspired by a journey of self discovery through an unraveled mind.” — Julissa Arrington, The Art Institutes

“A collection thought in the invisible narrative we are facing with technology and electronic devices, helping us block radiation from our bodies by using Electromagnetic Field Shielding (Anti-radiation) fabrics.” — Mimmy Begazo, The Art Institutes

“Edgar Degas and his magnificent ballerina paintings inspired this collection of eveningwear that is edgy and androgynous, yet soft and feminine.” — René Mejia, The Art Institutes

“The cultural richness and diversity of Spanish art inspired this bridal collection.” — Maria D’Ocon, The Art Institutes

“A digital cloud-scape print combined with summery, feminine shapes and colors are [merged] with the collection’s mainstay free-flowing silhouettes that are the drivers of every season. ” — Berenik

“Innocent glamour.” — BY.Bonnie Young

“Elevation.” — Francesca Liberatore

“Wanderlust Persona, moreover the way in which an escape from everyday life changes one’s character.” — Haus Alkire

“Waves, rebirth and clarity.” — Jasmine Chong

“I was looking at the painting of Cy Twombly and Madonna’s 1992 sex book, which evolved into the story of a woman’s sexual exploration: the idea of elegant bondage.” — Jonathan Cohen

“The lifestyle of scholars — and their high regard for knowledge and virtue.” — Lie Sangbong

“Moulded, clay-like pieces in dusty blues and saffron yellows.” — Radhika Hernandez, Lois London

“Dark Corner of My Heart.” — LRS

“My inspiration is rooted in both the clothing and political messaging from the 1970s.  This is my interpretation on anticonformist casual chic fashion for the modern woman.” — Michelle Helene

“Textures from nature.” — Mimi Wong, Minan Wong

“The Journey is the thing…by Homer.” — Morgane Le Fay

“You’re Just A Toy.” — Namilia

“Spring is a more personal collection. It is reflection of who I am, deriving most of the inspiration from my homeland, Vietnam. The women in traditional white dress, the beauty and simplicity of the lotus flower, and breathtakingly beautiful images from photographer Pham Hoài Nam aided in the composition of the Spring Awakening collection.” — Nha Khanh

“Live like your own Queen.” — Nikistavia

“This season, we languish on the sand in silk and blow in the breeze of salt air.” — Acid NYC

“Edelweiss — small and white; clean and bright.” — Cashmere Song

“Santorini by Jody Bell encapsulates the beauty and color of the Greek island paradise in a very feminine and sensuous collection.” — Jody Bell

“Let’s punk the empire!” — Just In Case

“Arrow leads rules.” — Lu Yang

“The inspiration  comes from the Royal Poinciana Tree, also known as Flamboyant or Flame. It’s scientific name Delonix regia, with regia meaning regal, royal or magnificent, perfectly describes the poinciana. With bright splashes of orange-red flowers, the tree is decorated in summer and warmth of the Cayman Islands where Olivia calls home.” — Olivia B

“Vibrant colors served as the background for a vibrant historical inspiration this season.” — Rohitava Banerjee

“Modern architectural lines create a bold, independent, adventurous, timeless inspiration.” — Samantha Leibowitz

“Inspired by the black, white and gray of a cosmopolis, frosty, strong, filled with detail and charm.” — Syu Syu Han

“This season, as in most of my collections, I was inspired by utilitarian details and technical fabrics contrasted with minimal shapes and negative space. In particular for spring, I am interested in using some elements of rock climbing and was very inspired by the juxtaposition of the colorful, technical gear against the rugged natural landscape.” — Nomia

“This season Hunte was inspired by Ancient Chinese and downtown New York athletic street cool with a modern twist. Staying true to his equipoise of feminine and masculine
silhouettes, Hunte reinforced his signature shawls by using colorblocking in mixed denim with Chinese Brocade collar. Powerful statement outerwear that is transformable and transitional is introduced in denim and crepe fabrics for a futuristic and arty vibe. Flirtatious factors such as deep V and cutout dresses, high slit pants, bustier tops and
knotted exaggerated sleeves are united with the outerwear to represent the essential DNA of Romeo Hunte’s sophisticated, street chic woman.” — Romeo Hunte

“Always follow the white rabbit.” — Runa Ray

“Acid Dye.” — RVN

“My collection was inspired by the simplicity of mushrooms and how these seemingly ordinary beings can juxtapose themselves within their own architecture.” — Stephanie Rad

“My Supima capsule collection is called The Aureate, meaning: gilded in gold. It  showcases the angel transforming from illusion into flesh. Pulling a lot of inspiration from the aging angel statues in cemeteries — as they patina and are aged with moss covering, these colors and textures are particularly inspiring. These statues represent to me, an angel that has fallen to earth.” — Duston Jasso, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Supima Design Competition.

“The song ‘Take Five’ is syncopated jazz music. Syncopation is a disturbance or interruption of the regular flow of rhythm. These uneven beats give the music a different feel from standard jazz music.” — Jiyeon Lee, Fashion Institute of Technology, Supima Design Competition

“This collection is about the juxtaposition of intersecting lines and organic flowers. Each technique used embodies a form of forced perspective to draw the eye around the garment, and the collection as a whole, and manipulate the viewer to believe there are different tones and depths to each piece that may or may not be there. With the use of origami flowers, geometric lines and embroidery, this collection will create a cohesive but interesting combination of classic eveningwear and modern techniques.” — Kara Kroeger, Kent State University, Supima Design Competition

“Cold hives is an allergic reaction to coldness and wind. My inspiration came from this allergy that I suffered when I was 11 years old. I want to create a collection of eveningwear illustrating the experience, desire and adaptation during those two years. Using hats and the concept of protection to create silhouettes combined with textiles inspired by the skin during the reaction.” — Jacqueline Chen, Parsons School of Design, Supima Design Competition

“I was inspired by today’s new cool girl who wants to dress up and has the means to approach formality, but has few options that appeal to her. I used my specialty in men’s wear tailoring to conjure a romantic yet nonchalant vibe of the new commanding woman who’s always looking for the next party. Her counterpart guy might mean business and know what he’s doing, but she calls the shots.” — Jacob Blau, Rhode Island School of Design, Supima Design Competition

“A collection that draws inspiration from the Tibetan culture created to tell a story of Tibetan women and their coming of age. Through extensive research of indigenous textiles of the region, traditional Tibetan garb and ceremonial marriage rituals, comes the development of a lush evening collection. Displaying sensual floral prints with bold lines, embroidered silk flowers and elegantly full silhouettes…a passionate color palette with accents of crimson red and royal blues combine to compost a captivating vision of wearable elegance.” — Jeffrey Taylor, Savannah College of Art and Design, Supima Design Competition

“For spring, unisex designer Telfar continues to refine and expand his core practice of taking what is most utterly normal in American style, and doubling down on it: deconstructing its form, reimagining its function, and projecting it into the future. Telfar swears allegiance to no niche consumer typology. In the words of the line’s slogan: ‘It’s not for you, it’s for everyone.’” — Telfar

“This season is the story of a broken heart, inspired by the Johnny Cash song. Like him,
I wanted to find the strength in the vulnerability that comes with a broken heart.
The process of overcoming it.” – Sally Lapointe

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