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Sometimes a dozen looks is all you need to make a splash, as Steinrohner’s “Relieve the Reef” stage presentation at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin aptly demonstrated. Berlin designers Inna Stein and Caroline Rohner dived into an underwater world of tentacled jellyfish, waves and wonders in their latest expression of “couture de la rue.”

Made up to look like porcelain dolls, the model wore looks that were half street-smart and half creature-feature — with tops and dresses animated by wiggling tentacle projections and some crazy wildlife rain gear in clear or black vinyl painstakingly adorned with beaded or threaded deep sea formations. And the duo also cast their nets, stitching up pants in a clear plastic-and-silver mesh. The collection’s prints had a skeletal or fossil-like flair and were styled into easy-to-wear dresses, tops and pants, which is the other side of the Steinrohner equation — one that earned them the Premium Young Designers award last year.

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