Clockwise from up left: Natalie Kay, Valeria Hinojosa, Stephanie Van Den Sigtenhorst, Lauren Singer and Amber Boyers.

A burgeoning pack of stylish women — whether their following is mega or micro — are peddling their influence into sustainability. Here are five notable ones from across the globe using their platforms to promote ethical fashion brands, spread eco-conscious messages and encourage users to create a positive impact on the planet:

Trash Is for Tossers

Name: Lauren Singer

City: New York

Instagram followers: 272,000

Who is she: Singer was an environmental studies major in college who made the conscious decision to live “zero waste” in 2012. She learned about Bea Johnson, a woman in California who was producing little to no garbage, when she decided to join the cause and lessen her impact on the environment. In addition to her account and namesake blog, she has founded The Simply Co., a three-ingredient organic and vegan laundry detergent. She also set up the Package Free Shop in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn selling products with no or recyclable packages.

Reasons to follow her: Her Instagram feed not only offers a glimpse of her life and businesses, but is full of suggestions to actively join the movement with daily actions. Contents range from second-hand shopping guides and zero-waste holiday gift lists, to tutorials for a waste-free hair-care routine and even homemade natural cold remedies.

Brands she suggests: Re/done, sneaker label Veja, and Reformation, with which her Package Free Shop company teamed for a pop-up in September.


Trash Is For Tossers.

Trash Is for Tossers.  @trashisfortossers


Sustainably Chic

Name: Natalie Kay

City: Jacksonville, Fla.

Instagram Followers: 84,900

Who is she: Kay has a background in fashion, but decided she wouldn’t have stayed in the industry unless she was helping to change the way business was done. She started with a blog featuring posts on sustainable fashion, which soon expanded to include articles on green beauty and eco-friendly lifestyle tips.

Reasons to follow her: She features a wide range of indie, sustainable brands she believes in and thinks are worth checking out.

Brands she suggests: Eco and dressy fashion label Agaati California; Tonlé and its zero-waste garments made of deadstock fabrics; Tamga’s colorful, printed apparel made of eco-friendly fabrics and certified dyes; Thought Clothing’s items crafted from natural fabrics and reborn polyester, and ethically made jewelry label Rebecca Mir Grady, which employs recycled silver and 14-karat gold and responsibly sourced stones.


Sustainably Chic.

Sustainably Chic.  @sustainablychic


Water Thru Skin

Name: Valeria Hinojosa

City: Miami

Instagram Followers: 73,500

Who is she: Born and raised in Bolivia, Hinojosa is based in Miami and describes herself as vegan, yogi, social entrepreneur and adventure-seeker. She worked in private banking before quitting her job to pursue her passions and became certified yoga teacher and vegan chef. She then founded her blog to share her experiences and promote new sustainable and cruelty-free brands, and established the WTS Connect conscious blogger agency to connect planet-loving brands with influencers.

Reasons to follow her: Her content not only inspires sustainable fashion outfits but encourages an overall pursuit of well-being and love for the planet.

Brands she suggests: New Zealand-based conscious label Maggie Marilyn; cruelty-free line Milo+Nicki; Lalf’s plant-based tops; Ni Beachwear hand-painted garments ethically made in Puerto Rico; vegan leather heels from Veerah and Cult of Coquette, and Artesano’s hats and bags sustainably handmade in Ecuador.


Water Thru Skin.

Water Thru Skin.  @waterthruskin


Let’s Talk Slow

Name: Stephanie van den Sigtenhorst

City: Amsterdam

Instagram Followers: 11,400

Who is she: After graduating at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, van den Sigtenhorst dipped her toe in the industry and learned how polluting it really was. She decided to launch the “Let’s Talk Slow” lifestyle blog — and consequentially social media accounts — to spread the word about fair, ethical and sustainable fashion, promoting eco-friendly brand options and dedicated shop guides.

Reasons to follow her: The combination of international emerging sustainable brands, fashion tips and travels featured in her posts, all peppered with her optimistic approach.

Brands she suggests: Swiss sustainable apparel brand Jungle Folk, Portuguese line Seapath, Australian plant-based clothing Alcana and Hamburg-based label Jan ‘n June; Underprotection’s lingerie, loungewear and swimwear made of recycled and eco-friendly fabrics; Amsterdam-based Maium raincoats made of recycled plastic bottles; vegetable-tanned leather bag brands Moi Moi and Zamt, and handcrafted sustainable jewelry line Mélanie Pigeaud.

Let's Talk Slow.

Let’s Talk Slow.  @letstalkslow


The Conscious Cut

Name: Amber Boye

City: Brisbane, Australia

Instagram Followers: 21,200

Who is she: Raised in Munda, a small beachside town in the Solomon Islands, Boyers spent much of her early life by the ocean. During her studies in fashion design, she increasingly realized that the industry practices were damaging the natural environment. She started The Conscious Cut blog to share ethical fashion brand alternatives, yet she didn’t find sustainable swimwear to promote. That’s when she decided to found the Baiia label focusing on reversible and multifunctional swimsuits made from recycled fishing nets.

Reasons to follow her: The simplicity of the outfits she displays, which are carefully balanced with interior design inspirations and motivational quotes.

Brands she suggests: Australian Arnhem label and Akazi’s clothing crafted from plant-based textiles; linen specialist Morton Mac; sustainable eyewear brand Monkey Glasses; Posse’s vintage and reconstructed garments in natural fibers, and Matt & Nat vegan accessories.

The Conscious Cut.

The Conscious Cut.  @theconsciouscut

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