It just happened this minute! Blonde and vivacious Emily Lloyd, the talented young British actress, is engaged to director Danny Huston. Emily practically shot to stardom in her first movie, “Wish You Were Here.” Danny, the late John Huston’s son and Anjelica Huston’s brother, was last married to and divorced from Virginia Madsen, another blonde movie star. He has more fun with them, at least for a while.

Prince Albert of Monaco, who has been linked with just about everybody who is female and under 90, is now reported to have found a new baby. She’s a beautiful blonde Norwegian — aren’t they all? — called Mette Hermansen. Just his cup of smorgasbord — but far from the main course.

One hears Robert Altman and Charlotte Rampling were not too terribly impressed by that lineup of mostly French debutantes who came out in Paris at the exquisite Salon Marie-Antoinette at the Hotel Crillon. Neither were others, although those who were sentimentally or professionally attached to the 27 demoiselles thought everything was perfectly lovely. Says one critic, who has seen it all and done it all: “The 27 girls were so awkward and dressed in 27 of the most awful creations that 27 top fashion designers could come up with. Except perhaps for Bruce Oldfield (he dressed Georgina Hebblethwaite), who seemed to know what he was doing. The debutantes walked so brusquely — even though they were wearing horrors. Why don’t these young women learn to walk with some grace? It would help them in their social life if they only realized. The audience was filled with la creme de la creme and descendants of nobility. It was easy to spot the mothers — they were the only ones in the place that looked proud.” Zingggg!

Persian Princess Sarvenaz Pahlavi, once a part of the young New York set that went everywhere and did everything night after night, has settled down in Dallas and just loves her life there. She especially loves her new job — she’s the head of communications for Loyd-Paxton, the 33-year-old Dallas antiques and interior design firm that some consider the tippy-toppiest in the Southwest. The principals, Loyd Ray Taylor and Charles Paxton Gremillion, are cuckoo about Sarvenaz and she’s wild about them. They just giggle and gambol and have the best old Texas time together.

They’re still talking about the birthday party the pretty princess gave for Paxton Gremillion, taking over the elegant Highland Park Cafe and inviting 30 of his best friends. There were silver and gold balloons everywhere and enough French champagne to rock the room. In the candlelight, one could make out such as Henry S. Miller Jr. and his wife Juanita; plastic surgeon to the elite Sam Hamra and his wife Sonja, and State Representative Brian McCall. Later this month, Loyd-Paxton will give a grand party at the behest of the American Society of Interior Designers with the cream of architects and decorators from all over, hundreds of them, meeting at the Loyd-Paxton establishment. Sarvenaz is at the ready.

Stephanie Guest’s mother, the movie star Joan Bennett, was one of three beautiful sisters, the others being Constance Bennett, also a movie star, and Barbara Bennett, thought by some to be the loveliest of the three. Stephanie herself is one of four beautiful sisters — Diana Fox, Melinda Markey and Shelley Wanger Mortimer are the others. Which seemed like the best of reasons to give her Manhattan restaurant, formerly called Stephanie’s, a new name, Sorelle, meaning “sisters” in Italian, and to change the decor to match the name. She painted the whole place white except for the dark wainscoting and there are lots of red and white checks and red and white stripes everywhere. Plus the menu, which is as Italian as you can get. The chef is Sicilian, and the maitre d’ is related to Jon Bon Jovi. For music, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald sing away in the background, if not in the flesh. Sorelle will even hold a table for them — if they call in advance.

The walls are hung with photographs, movie stills, posters and paparazzi shots of famous sisters. The other night, Janet Leigh came in with her daughter, Kelley, and saw her pictures behind the bar — one from “Psycho” with Vera Miles, who played Janet’s sister in the movie, and one with her two daughters, Kelley and Jamie Lee Curtis. Janet loved the whole idea. Now Stephanie is looking for a picture of the Seven Sutherland Sisters of yesteryear, who were famous for a lot of things, but mostly because they all had hair so long they could sit on it. When those ladies had a bad hair day, there was really hell to pay.

This Palm Beach season looms — and looms is the mot juste — as a redux of the last, with charity parties so crowding the calendar that there hardly seems room for a little dinner with friends. But grandiosity, Palm Beach style, pervades these benefits and it’s enough to bring out the likes of Marylou Whitney, the wealthy widow of Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney, who now has apartments in Palm Beach and Miami (to be near her horses). She is not alone. Gale Brophy of the racing Brophys, Mrs. F. Warrington Gillet Jr., Mrs. George Flagler Matthews and the philanthropist Celia Farris are all up to their kazoos (look it up) in upcoming events. Celia, who built a medical building at the hospital in honor of her late husband, and Betsy Matthews are the honorary chairman and chairman, respectively, of the Good Samaritan Hospital Centennial Ball tomorrow night at the Flagler Museum. Other resort names connected with the event are board members Alfonso Fanjul Jr., Gerald Goldsmith, John R. Drexel 3rd, David Mahoney, Byron Ramsing — who has been president of those two bastions of Palm Beach exclusivity, the Everglades Club and the Bath and Tennis — Peter Ordway and the board chairman Sidney Kohl. Impressed? Oh well.

The PB movers are also thrilled to be going to the American Red Cross Polo Lunch, which is being given at a tent adjacent to the Polo Stadium on March 6. Gale Brophy, who has her very own stable, as does her husband Giles, is the general chairman ably assisted by Eles Gillet and Marylou Whitney. The Maharajah of Jaipur (Bubbles to that crowd), Susan Lucci, Peter Jennings, Dick Smothers, Gary Collins, Mary Ann Mobley and a lot of others just like them will be on hand. Right after lunch they’ll repair to the Polo Stadium for the big polo match sponsored by Audermars Piguet and Worth Magazine. You cannot imagine how flying hooves turn this group on.

Gale Brophy, particularly, has been working so very hard on this event. She is never without her mobile phone — even at lunch! Is that good?

And Adnan Khashoggi, who has been spending the holidays in Palm Beach, rented two residences there for his family and staff. He is said to be looking for a house to buy on the island. Maybe yours?

Henry Kravis was — maybe still is — in Paris celebrating his 50th birthday with Marie Josee Drouin, the Canadian woman who is slated to be the next Mrs. Henry Kravis. Also along on the birthday jaunt are Henry’s son Robby and his daughter Kimberly, known as KK. Yes, indeed. Things keep getting seriouser and seriouser.