The Republican National Committee’s 1994 Annual Gala will honor President Ronald Reagan on his 83rd birthday on Feb. 3. The big gathering at the National Building Museum in Washington will have as a special guest the one and only Margaret Thatcher — Lady Thatcher to you — Ronald Reagan’s pal and ardent admirer through the good and lean years and in all the in-between years, all the way. Everybody will wear black tie and help raise a lot of money for the RNC. Expected are Republican governors, senators, congressmen, former administration officials, business leaders, celebrities and close friends of President and Nancy Reagan.

Nancy will be in New York at the end of this month and will be seen at little dinners in her honor given by Carroll and Milton Petrie, the retail king, and Lily and Edmond Safra, the powerful international banker. And Cecile Zilkha will give a little lunch for Nancy and the chums, many of whom will be in Washington for RR’s birthday blast.

The weather may be foul in Paris, but not foul enough to keep Goldie Hawn from shopping till she’s dropping. Two hot designers in Paris now are Corinne Cobson and Lolita Lempicka and that’s where Goldie’s been hanging out. She bought a to-the-floor chenille coat and matching hat at Lempicka, which made her look like a cute little throwback to the Twenties, just the look Goldie had in mind. At Corinne Cobson, she chose two transparent muslin dresses, both totally see-through, so, in the interests of modesty, Goldie wears one on top of the other. Is that adorable or what?

Goldie, Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer, who are staying at the Plaza Athenee, were seen night before last dining at Le Duc, perhaps the best seafood restaurant in Paris, maybe the world. The three of them had flown over on producer Andy Vagna’s Gulfstream 3 to promote Kurt and Val’s new movie “Tombstone” and are on their way to Munich, Istanbul and Spain. It’s a tough life, but, hey, it keeps the wolf from harassing you at the door.

Nicole Kidman is another one who’s been hanging out at Corinne Cobson. Last week she flew to Paris from London just to shop there for the day. Nicole was in London with her husband, Tom Cruise, who has been filming “Interview With A Vampire” there. Now she’s back home, and Tom will be back on Sunday. They hate being apart, and anybody taking a really good look at both of them should know the reason why.

Speaking of see-through raised to an art form, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Heather Stewart White, Tatiana Patitz and the new Helena Rubenstein model, Fabienne Terwinghe, will be photographed in the nude by the famous fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier tomorrow in Paris for PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals). This will launch PETA’s anti-fur campaign, whose slogan, which will adorn the photo, translates from the French into “Rather Naked Than Wear Fur.” The strategically placed slogan, you will be interested to hear, covers up the little ladies’ personal bits.

Fabienne Terwinghe, by the way, just signed with Rubenstein for three years and $1 million. To fulfill the terms of the contract, she must work five days a year. Those girls go through hell.

Stockard Channing, rave-reviewed for her performance as a society matron in “Six Degrees of Separation,” will next be seen in Roman Polanski’s “Bitter Moon,” due out next month. Admittedly, Stockard’s role in the controversial flick is not a major one, so why bother? “I was dying to do Paris,” said she. So she did her two-day thing and flew back to New York. They say she was the only one in the movie who kept her old school tie on, but you know how people exaggerate.

Winona Ryder, also rave-reviewed in “The Age of Innocence,” is winning bravas in Europe for her performance is “The House of the Spirits,” due here in the spring. They say little Winona is fabulous as Jeremy Irons’s fiery, rebellious daughter who spurns the aristocratic husband her family chooses for her in favor of — stand back — forbidden love with the peasant son of her father’s foreman. Whoop-de-do. This doesn’t mean, though, that she steals the picture from Meryl Streep, Glenn Close or Vanessa Redgrave.

If you want to take a little nap through the next item, feel free. I’ll wake you when it’s over.

Shannen Doherty and Ashley Hamilton are once again considering an annulment, pronounced dullment. Did you know that before Shaneen dated Ashley, she dated Judd Nelson and that now Judd Nelson is dating Claire Stansfield, who used to date Ashley. And that before Claire dated Ashley she dated Terence Trent D’Arby? Who has nothing to do with anything. You can wake up now.

Nancy Davis — she’s Barbara and Marvin’s daughter — will kick off her Second Annual Chrysler/Guess Race to Erase MS on Feb. 11 and 12 in Aspen, and the celebs will turn out in packs for this. Nancy runs a good race on her own, but it doesn’t hurt that mommy and daddy are Hollywood powerhouses. Expected on the slopes are such as Nicollette Sheridan, Luke Perry, Jane Seymour, Kenny Loggins, Kenny G, Dennis Miller, Vanna White, Peter Weller, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, who will not wear her two transparent dresses because she’s not a silly goose. One hears Shaquille O’Neal has put in a bid for the private one-hour tennis lesson given by Chris Evert as one of the auction items at the two-day event. The lesson comes complete with a racquet autographed by Evert. As for Shaq, he’s donated a pair of his basketball shoes (size 20) to the auction pile. Autographed, of course.

Palm Beach Notes From All — From All Over Palm Beach, That Is: Among those at the Hospice Evening on Sunday at The Breakers, sitting at chairman Jean Tailer’s table, will be Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wyllis Scripps of the newspaper dynasty. Also on hand will be the Duke and Duchess of Norfolk (he is England’s premier duke), which thrills everyone who is anyone in PB to their very marrow. The Norfolks, who have involved themselves in Help The Hospices, the British charity founded by the duchess in 1984, will share the spotlight with Carolina Herrera, who will show her spring collection and her beautiful self.

Alyne Massey, of Nashville, Southhampton and Palm Beach, the widow of Kentucky Fried Chicken multimillionaire Jack Massey, has been traveling in the Far East with Amory (Amo) Carhart of New York and Southampton. You remember that Amo gave a smart dinner last summer for Alyne, there on her annual August visit, at his lovely house on Ox Pasture Road in Southampton. And you should know that Amo has taken a house in Marrakech for the month of March and has invited Alyne to join him there. This could be the start of something big. Or has it already progressed to the middle?

The architect/interior designer Peter Marino, working feverishly to be ready for the March unveiling of Barneys in Los Angeles, took time out to receive an Excellence in Commercial Design Award from the Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts last night at The Asia Society. John Dyson, the deputy mayor of New York, presented the award to Peter for his creation, Barneys’ Madison Avenue masterpiece. And the Leslie Wexners, the powerful merchant prince and his princess, received a Restoration Award for the superb work they’ve done on their East 71st Street townhouse. So what’s all this talk about retail recoil?