Weddings are so exciting, especially when a relationship has been going on for a couple of years or so, and no one knows who’s going to jump and how far. Well, Elias Mavroleon of the Greek shipping family (aren’t they all?) put an end to all that when he asked his sweetie, the glamorous Scandinavian blonde (aren’t they all?) Birgit de Ganay, to become Mrs. Mavroleon and she hastened to say yes in several languages. They will be married on Sunday in Greece at the Porto Heli house on the sea of Caroline and Bluey Mavroleon, a relative of the groom (aren’t they all?) Everyone is quite overjoyed at this happy ending, and guests are expected for kilometers around, including Rosemarie Kanzler, who lives just down the road, and, if she’s in residence, billionairess Amalita Fortabat, Argentina’s answer to almost everything, who also lives just around the corner when she’s not bunking down on her yacht, which is usually lying — not so doggo — right at the front door. Sigh.

Since you probably haven’t heard anything about Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt (Marylou) Whitney in the last five minutes, be informed that she is up to her usual Saratoga tricks. Marylou is giving her big annual party-with-a-theme on July 29 at Canfield’s Casino in the smart racing resort, and this year’s bash, called the “Over The Rainbow Gala,” is in honor of The Tin Woodman, The Scarecrow, The Lion and Dorothy. Cute, that. Gents are asked to don their black ties, and the ladies are requested to wear Ruby Red Slippers, even as Dorothy did in Oz. Cute, that. Marylou, who can out-costume anybody you care to name, will probably come as Dorothy — but don’t rule out Toto. Rich girls just like to have fun.

Speaking of rich girls, Danielle Steel, who has made millions with her millions of bestsellers, is not only good looking but chic as well. When she was honored at the Beverly Wilshire in Los Angeles by 350 of the world’s top booksellers at Dell Publishing’s cocktail party opening the American Booksellers Association, she swept in in a white couture pantsuit by Dior, and the Grand Ballroom quivered. (Special limited editions of Danielle’s upcoming novel, “The Gift,” were given to each guest, the better to keep their minds on business.)

The next day, Danielle turned up briefly at the convention in an aqua Givenchy pantsuit and matching blouse. Sort of drop-dead in a raffinÄ way. At both events she was accompanied by her husband, John Traina, whose first book, a handsome coffee table edition titled, “Extraordinary Jewels,” will be published by Doubleday on Sept. 1. All in the family.

You will be tickled to hear that Andre Agassi, whose every little lob evokes squeals and swoons on tennis courts throughout the land, reports his romance with Brooke Shields “is going just great.” He adds, “Since Brooke is from Bergen County and grew up near Mahwah (N.J.), I expect her to be at the Pathmark Tennis Classic on July 16 to cheer me on.” Even as Barbra Streisand did in tennis matches of yore? Yeah.

When Todd Martin, after his five-set victory over Agassi at Wimbledon, was accused by British reporters of being dull and boring, he zinged this one over the net: “I don’t need a bunch of 13-year-olds screaming for me to prove I have a personality.” But it’s Agassi who got in the last word. “There needs to be more excitement in the game,” says he. “I want women and men to cheer for me whether they’re 13 or 70.” That means you, Brooke. And Barbra too if she’s in the nabe. Even if she isn’t.

Vera Wang, who designs beautiful dresses for brides and hot movie stars, was at Alice Mason and Regine Traulsen’s Southampton Moroccan party looking about 12 years old. While all about her traipsed the marble halls in trailing caftans, Vera wore a teeny white T-shirt and a teenier black skirt about four inches deep. She may not have been authentic, but she was appreciated.

Anne Johnson is all but healed from her broken hip — look, everybody, no cane — so she put on her little brown and white striped jacket, a matching camisole and the perfect pants to go with it, and, with her husband, Deane, decided to give a little dinner to celebrate at their adorable Southampton house, which has an adorable white picket fence on the outside and an adorable Cavalier King Charles spaniel on the inside. Le tout Southampton turned out to help the Johnsons rejoice — Betty and Virgil Sherrill, Jamee and Peter Gregory, Amo Carhart, Toni and Chuck Peebler, Jane and Guilford Dudley of Nashville and Palm Beach, Carroll Petrie, Tom Guinzburg, Cathy and Alessandro di Montezemolo, Jessie and Rand Araskog, Jean Tailer, Lil and Stephane Groueff, Jill Blanchard, like that. It was one of those nights when you could have used a ceiling fan — so the Johnsons used one. Outside the fog was so thick you needed a seeing eye dog to make your way. Inside, a good time was had by all.

Barbara Davis, who with her husband, the tycoon Marvin Davis, raises millions upon millions for the Children’s Diabetes Foundation, is so thrilled over the upcoming Carousel of Hope Ball at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills on Oct. 28, she’s calling it “a night of nights.” One of the reasons may be because Hillary Rodham Clinton will be there that night to receive the Foundation’s Brass Ring for her efforts to improve our nation’s health. (To clear things up for you, a Brass Ring is just like a gold ring — only it’s brass.)

Barbara’s also delighted because Viscount Linley will be donating one of his classic desks made from English oak, banded with inlays of sycamore and ebony, for the huge auction before the party. Think of the commands a Hollywood mogul could bark from behind that, right, people? For the auction, Chanel is giving a $20,000 couture dress plus first-class airfare for two and a hotel for three nights in Paris. The company’s also throwing in a private tour of Coco Chanel’s apartment across the street from the Ritz where she entertained the most chic and the most interesting folk for kilometers around. Not to be outdone, Ungaro is donating first-class tickets for two on Air France, three nights at the Meurice Hotel, front-row seats at his Paris show and a $20,000 dress from his couture collection.

Oh, and let’s not forget Falcon Jet’s donation. The lucky winner and seven guests will fly round trip anywhere in the country on the $18 million private Falcon 2000 and stay as long as they like at the location of their choice before the Falcon picks them up again and transports them back to reality. Just don’t try to squeeze Linley’s desk on the plane.