It’s sunny in Aspen, but there’s simply oodles of snow on the slopes and ever so many star types, if you care. Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas are in town with her and their children. And listen to this for the way we, or some, live now. Melanie and Antonio spent a fun Christmas with Don Johnson and his wife, Kelley. You may recall that Melanie and Don were married to each other — twice — and have a 12-year-old daughter together called Dakota. Talk about civilized. It’s practically Woodstock.

Also in Aspen are those reunited songbirds Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel, the hot Latin warbler. Count Mariah as his number-one fan. Of course, there was their little breakup a while back, but all is love and lightness at the moment, and let’s hope the moment lasts forever. They have already spent a romantic night in the wine cellar of the Caribou, the private club where they love to dance.

George Lucas, the legendary producer, and his three children, Amanda, 18, Kate, 11, and Jet, 6, are hitting the slopes and the parties. So are Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. Her daughter, Kate Hudson, and Kate’s husband, Chris Robinson, are due to fly in over New Year’s to celebrate their first anniversary. You do remember they were married in Aspen last year and were even blessed by a shaman, the sweet things.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones would like to return to celebrate the anniversary of their engagement, which took place on the Millennium’s Eve, but Catherine is not sure she can get time off from filming her new movie “Chicago” in Toronto. Oh, and Catherine has cut her hair and now has a sexy new short 1920s bob that just suits her killer role as a killer in the flick.

Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett, meanwhile, are all over the slopes. He and she are in the new movie, “Ali.” Who doesn’t know he plays Ali, but who knows she plays his first wife? The family that films together stays together, unless you count Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. Yes, and Ben Affleck and Christian Slater are turning the Aspen snow bunnies’ heads.

The New York crowd in Aspen includes CNN’s Paula Zahn and her husband, Richard Cohen; Virginia Warner, and Julia and billionaire David Koch and their two children. The Kochs are giving a party on New Year’s Eve and all and sundry are panting to be invited.

Meanwhile, the above and a few more just like them, including Kevin Costner, are expected at the big party tomorrow night given by Miuccia Prada of the high-fashion Italian Pradas. Miuccia has built a glamorous store in Aspen, a four-story wonder in a classic 19th-century building left over from the town’s original mining days. It’s nothing like the innovative big-sister store she just opened in SoHo. The two are alike only in that they are ultimately stylish. Miuccia has refrained from using the typical elements that so characterize Prada stores worldwide. The famous green walls are gone and in their place are stone floors and ceilings taken from a nearby quarry. All four floors are anchored by a huge fireplace, in memory of the prairie houses of early pioneers and rather Frank Lloyd Wright.

The furniture is modern yet rustic, with leather sofas, fur rugs and lots and lots of polished wood. To say no expense was spared would be right on the money. Serena Boardman and the ubiquitous Milla Jovovich are said to have already picked out new Prada outfits to wear to the cocktail party and seated dinner for 250 at the Caribou Club, which Miuccia has taken over for the night. Don’t you wish you were there? I know, I know.


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