Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid has a sense of humor.

The 21-year-old model is less nervous to strut down the runway Friday night for Tommy Hilfiger now that she’s half of the design squad, she joked at a fragrance press conference with the designer on Friday morning.

“I’m half of the designer, I guess I don’t have too many people to piss off,” she said. “I think it’s less stressful.”

Hadid and Hilfiger collaborated for the Tommy x Gigi collection, which will debut at the brand’s carnival event in New York Friday evening. Some of the biggest news from the press conference was that Hadid squad member Taylor Swift will be in attendance, Hilfiger noted, saying, “One of the things that we really had to organize was getting the right seat for Gigi’s friend Taylor Swift.”

The two spoke at a press conference to discuss the collection and the launch of The Girl fragrance, which Hadid is fronting.

The fragrance has notes of jasmine, pear and cedarwood. “It’s so fresh and it kind of wakes you up, too,” Hadid said, adding that she’s been wearing it every day.

On the apparel front, the Tommy x Gigi collection will be immediately shoppable, part of the brand’s full-force push for the buy-now movement. The pair described the collection as military, sporty and nautical.

“I honestly, for every single piece, thought of someone different, my friends….I thought out what fans would like,” Hadid said.

“A designer has never partnered with a model before and allowed the model to have a very serious hand in designing,” Hilfiger said. “She chose the buttons and the fabrics and the colors.
“I met Gigi a few years back,” he said. “When she came in to walk our runway, she just glowed, and when she hit the runway the fans were amazing — they wanted to buy everything she was wearing.

“I’ve always surrounded the brand with pop culture,” the designer said, talking about when he first launched the line. “When I first came to New York City and met Andy Warhol he was personifying pop culture at its best by incorporating fashion, art, music, entertainment….So I was inspired by that.”

The team seemed ready to put on another attention-grabbing fashion event.

“It’s a stage set that is beyond my wildest dreams,” Hilfiger said. “We teamed up with the real hot dog guy, from Brooklyn, and the real tattoo artist, from Brooklyn, and we even found a small company that was recreating vintage Tommy.”

The event will have two different Tommy x Gigi stations, where carnivalgoers can shop via touchscreen, Hilfiger said. “I think it’s really breakthrough, it’s really disruptive, and I don’t think anyone’s ever done anything like this,” he said. “You have to be ahead of the curve in this business, or in any business, or you’ll be left behind.”

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